Ruby Dale-Edwards ✵ 1928-1995

Name at birth:    Ruby Dale 
Date of birth:    July 16 1928 
Place of birth:   Paintsville, Kentucky, USA 
Date of death:    April 8 1995 
Place of death:   Columbus, Ohio, USA 
Place of burial:  Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio

Submitted by: Kathy Edwards (

My mother was born a coal miner’s daughter, very near to Butcher Holler in Kentucky. She wanted very much to have a singing career, but it never worked out for her. She lived a hard life, but she had a wonderful sense of humor that enabled her to get through many difficult times in her life. She was very dear to me. You never fully understand how dear until you no longer have that person in your life. I will miss her the rest of my days.

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