Roger James Kalasunas ✵ 1952-1996

Name at birth:    Roger James Kalasunas 
Date of birth:    1-1-1952 
Place of birth:   Cleveland, Ohio USA 
Date of death:    10-6-1996 
Place of death:   Willowick, Ohio USA 
Place of burial:  Cremated - remains whereabouts unknown.
                  Possibly Cleveland, Ohio.

Submitted by: Ronald Kalasunas (

Roger, you will always be in my memory, as well as the memories of your remaining loved ones. I think of you and pray for you every day. I miss our prolonged telephone conversations about everything under the sun. You were my soul-mate and I will forever be grateful to God for letting us share all the good times that we spent together as Brothers.

I wish you were here to see your little neice, Katie, and especially your little nephew, Ronnie, who bears a resemblence to you when you were a little kid. Even though you are not here anymore, they know who their Uncle Roger is because I tell them about you all the time.

I miss you, Bro but I plan on catching up with you on the other side…Until then, all of my love.

Your little Brother Ronnie

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