Nicole Catherine Thompson ✵ 1998-1999

Name at birth:    Nicole Catherine Thompson 
Date of birth:    6-27-98 
Place of birth:   Coral Springs United States 
Date of death:    3-6-99 
Place of death:   Coral Springs United States 
Place of burial:  Queen of Heaven Cemetery, North Lauderdale, Florida

Submitted by: Don&Karen Thompson (

She was 8 months and 9 days old. She had a wonderful smile and cute little laugh. She may have been young but touched a lot of hearts. She didn’t discriminate in any way. She loved everyone. She never had any fits unless she was tired or not feeling well. She was daddy’s little sweet pea and mommy’s punky girl. She had hair that was curly and wild and eyes that were as big as the sun and just as curious.

Now she is our little angel that saved 9 lives including ours.

She was loved by all that met her, but especially her mommy and daddy.

Now Sleep Litte Angel and remember we love you.

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