Matilda Capuano ✵ 1936-1999

Matilda Capuano

Name at birth:  Matilda Thomson
Date of birth:  1/7/36
Place of birth:  NYC, USA
Date of death:  5/2/99
Place of death:  Staten Island NY
Resting place:  Moravian Cemetery, Staten Island, NY USA
Submitted by:  Jerry Capuano (



Dearest Matilda,
The world feels like a much darker and emptier place without you. I would give anything to see you again. I am very grateful for the years we had.
Tillie had been diagnosed with cancer of the larynx and had gone through surgery and had been told that there was no more trace of cancer. Ten years later she fell and broke her thigh bone. She was admitted to the hospital and they found a tumor on her lung. The cancer had spread throughout her body.
She told me that what hurt her most was that she would not get to watch her six grandchildren grow up.
After about one week of hospice and care provided by our daughters Carol, Lisa, Gerriann, and son Dom, Tillie died on February 5, 1999 with all who loved her holding her hands.
We miss you terribly. Never in the heart of a loving God will we be parted one from the other. Not ever, my dear Till. My life, I love you.

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