Margaret Ann Villeneuve ✵ 1922-1946

Name at birth:    Margaret Ann Villeneuve 
Date of birth:    27-01-1922 
Place of birth:   Iron River, Michigan 
Date of death:    13-04-1946 
Place of death:   Ishpeming, Michigan 
Place of burial:  Catholic cemetery at Ishpeming, Michigan

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Margaret Ann was born on January 27, 1922 in Iron River, Michigan. She attended Parochial and Public Schools in Ishpeming, Michigan. Graduated from Ishpeming High School Class of 1939. Died April 13, 1946 at 8:45 P.M. of an embolism following emergency surgery. She is buried in the Catholic Cemetery at Ishpeming, Michigan.

From wind to wind, earth has one tale to tell,
All other sounds are dulled and drowned, and lost
In this one sad cry “Farewell!” —
(Celia Laighton Thatcher)

Total days of life (8846)            Total hours (212,304)

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