Kouame N’Dri ✵ 1931-1999

Kouame N'Dri

Name at birth:  Kouame N’Dri
Date of birth:  1931
Place of birth:  Toumodi – Ivory Coast
Date of death:  December 12, 1999
Place of death:  Abidjan – Ivory Coast
Resting place:  Kpouebo – Ivory Coast – West Africa
Submitted by:  Sadibou Dia (



In sad loving memory of my father in law N’Dri Kouame

Cherished father of Danielle N’Dri Dia my beloved wife.
Gone too soon, my father in law was 68, he lost an herculienne battle with cancer. He was one of the kindest human being I ever came to know. He was a wonderful man, ahead of his century, a visionary with an incredible open mind. He had a tremendous sense of humor and a very positive way of dealing with people, situation and things. He raised a wonderful family with strong moral values, respect and courage. Even though my wife still believe she was her father’s favorite daughter, whoever knew Kouame N’Dri knows that he loved completely and unconditionally each and every single member of his family as he had a way of making you feel very special and treasured.

Word cannot begin to express the sorrow and emptiness he left behind him. He has been gone for almost a year now and I’m still wiping off tear from my wife’s face every time his name is pronounced, as she is still devastated and in shock.

Our Daughter Marielle and our two sons Souleymane and Ardo will not have you around while growing but will definitely hear all the stories about you. We will treasure your memory forever. With you gone, our lives will never be the same but then again heaven won’t be the same either with someone like you over there. I renew my promise to you that I will love, cherish and honor your daughter till death do us part. I will be there for her and make sure she gets back on her feet. Sorrow is the memory of a happy yesterday and memory live on and on while sorrow fade away. May the sorrow that Danielle is feeling now eventually give way. May the memories she cherishes give her the strength to face each future day.

If that old saying is true “All you take with you when you die is what you have given away during your life” then my father in law is the wealthiest man in heaven. Rest in peace my dear father in law.

A cry out loud from my wife:

mon petit papa cheri,
I do not know how to go on without you at my side, how to carry on. I would give anything just to see you again and tell you how much I love you. How I wish I could call you on the phone, hear you tease mom so tenderly, laugh at your jokes, smile at your mimics and taste one of your specially made form scratch dishes. My heart is grieving for you every day, I cannot believe that I will never see you again.

Beside his close family, Kouame N’Dri also leaves many relatives who are still mourning his death.
Veuve N’Dri Kouame nee Tanoh Adjoua dite Aya
Monsieur N’Dri Kouame Anderson, Madame et enfants a Abidjan et aux Etats Unis;
Monsieur N’Dri Koffi Aristide Bekansse, Madame et enfants a Abidjan;
Monsieur N’Dri N’Guessan Marthurin, Madame et enfants a Abidjan;
Monsieur et Madame Zie Desire nee N’Dri Affoue Eugenie et enfants aux Etats Unis;
Monsieur et Madame Kpessou nee N’Dri Amoin Julienne et enfants a Abidjan;
Monsieur N’Dri Kouassi Thomas, Madame et enfants a Abidjan;
Monsieur et Madame Dia nee N’Dri Adjoua Danielle et enfants a Abidjan et aux Etats Unis;
Monsieur N’Dri N’Goran Valentin, Madame et enfants aux Etats Unis;
Les enfants N’Dri Brou Ignace;
N’Dri Adjoua Brigitte, N’Dri Amenan Marguerite, N’Dri N’Guessan Albertine;
Monsieur et Madame Konan Raymond et enfants a Abidjan;
Nanan Loukou Kouame, chef de village de Kpouebo – Toumodi;
Monsieur Kouandjani Kouassi, chef de la grande famille Klouadjo a Kpouebo;
Monsieur Kouakou Thengue, chef de la famille Aboua Ahoussou a Kpouebo;
Monsieur Kouadio Bah Celestin chef adjoint des ressortissants de Kpouebo a Abidjan;
Monsieur Assienin Yoboue Celestin, Chef de famille a Abidjan;
Madame Boisard Marie et enfants a Abidjan et a Nice;
Monsieur Tanoh Asse Lucien, notable a Kpouebo, freres et soeurs;
Madame Ahoussou Tanoh et enfants a Yamoussoukro;
Madame Ahoussou Adjoua et enfants a Abidjan;
Monsieur Kouame Brou, Dames Kouame N’Goran et Kouame Loukou a Kpouebo;
Pasteur Konan Marcelin Madam et enfants a Abidjan;
Monsieur N’Goran N’Guessan a Frat. Mat a Abidjan;
Madame N’Da Amoin et enfants a Kpouebo;
Veuve N’Guessan Ahou et enfants a Kpouebo;
Madame Boisard Monique et enfants a Abidjan;
Monsieur Abrougoua Michel, chef de famille a Abidjan;
Madame Kouakou Janvier Amoin;
Monsieur Kouakou Kan Martial freres et soeurs a Man, Abidjan et Kpouebo;
Monsieur et Madame Daffo nee Adjoua N’Galie et enfants a Paris et a Abidjan;
Monsieur et Madame Aduko Jerome et enfants a Abidjan et a Paris;
Monsieur Tanoh Kouame Binto, Madame et enfants a Kpouebo et a Abidjan;
Monsieur et Madame Yao Konan Andre nee Kouakou Abou Irene a Abidjan;
Madame Loukou nee Kouakou Be Madeleine et enfants a Abidjan;
Madame Kouakou Affoue Helene et enfants a Abidjan;
Les representants de la communaute Kpoueboise a Abidjan;
Les familles alliees Ouassa, Kore, Tokpan, Zie, Kpessou, Dia, Boni.

“Seigneur Dieu, protege et benis tous ceux que j’ai aimes et laisses sous ta garde en quittant cette terre” Amen!

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