June Marie Sanders ✵ 1930-1996

Name at birth:    June Marie Thigpen 
Date of birth:    August 12, 1930 
Place of birth:   Detroit, Michigan, USA 
Date of death:    June 10, 1996 
Place of death:   Mercy Hospital, Detroit, Michigan 
Place of burial:  Her own home, 5056 Cooper Detroit, Michigan

Submitted by: Venus Sanders (

Beloved wife of Arthur Sanders, Mother of Robert and Venus, Grandmother (nanny) to Remecco, Shalun and Corrinne. A Beautiful, sweet, kind, gracious and loving lady that will be greatly missed by her friends and family.

She asked to be placed on this because her daughter, Venus was just teaching her about the internet and computers. She was just discovering this new world and learning it, before she was given relief from this life.

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