Jeanne “Peggy” Margaret Huddy-Mitchell ✵ 1928-1996

Name at birth:    Jeanne Margaret Roark 
Date of birth:    23 Dec 1928 
Place of birth:   Douglas, Az, USA 
Date of death:    5 May 1996 
Place of death:   Pasadena, CA, USA 
Place of burial:  June Lake, CA. in the wind

Submitted by: Carolyn E. Anfinrud (Carolyn859@aol.Com)

You are very missed….we lost you so suddenly and unexpectedly.
You are remembered everyday in our thoughts and are held
close in our hearts. Life was difficult at times and we can
only hope that, in death, you are at peace. The girls miss
you very much. You were their “Grandma Mine.” There is no
place for us to visit…there is only for us to remember.
I wish you could be here for Stephanie’s wedding and to
see Ashley and Danielle grow up. I can only hope you’re
watching. It has not been easy dealing with your death.
It was a shock…but this monument has given me a place
for you to be remembered. I love you Mom and I do miss you.
Be at Peace.

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