James Edwin Bolen ✵ 1960-1998

Name at birth:    James Edwin Bolen 
Date of birth:    07-04-60 
Place of birth:   Sacramento, California USA 
Date of death:    23-04-98 
Place of death:   Jacksonville, Florida USA 
Place of burial:  Calvary Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleum
                  Sacramento, California USA

Submitted by: Marc Lindsey (


This was your motto
How you lived your life
My Dearest Jimbo!

That twinkle in your eyes
The brightness of your smile
The warmth and love you gave
To all whose lives you touched
You enriched…will always be remembered
My Dearest Jimbo!

You were my Best Friend
My Companion
The Cherished One of my Heart
My Dearest Jimbo!

You have boarded that Train
You now ride the Rails
You so loved in this life…
Into Eternity
My Dearest Jimbo!

“Sancta Maria, Mater Dei. Ora pro nobis, pecatoribus.
Nunc et in hora mortis nostrae. Amen.”

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