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Jason (
31 December, 2003
Hey Bro’…wishing you a Happy New Year. Wish you were here, Well you are actually. I miss you and all your energy. We all do. I sent some emails today to our friends and family, I haven’t spoken to them in years. I pray that they are well…always. GEMINI.
30 April, 2003
william–It’s been 8 years since you moved beyond this existence. I miss you still. There are reminders of you all around our neighborhood. You would freak out at all the changes in Chelsea and the Flatiron–it’s a whole new land. Always thinking of you. I’ll see you when I see you Willy.–love, hugs, and kisses mi bello amigo

rosie creamer (
30 April, 2002
William- 7 years ago I began the journey learning about grief. I dreamt last night that you and Jason came to get me, you said, “C’mon let’s go to my house” and it was so real, just like old times. I was even confused when I woke up, then I realized today’s date. Michael Fisher and I always talk about you, we will always remember. You were such a good friend to me. I can’t believe its been 7 years. I called your dad cause I wanted him to know that we think about you and have great memories.
30 August, 2000
willy–i miss you. i know you hear me when i think of you. so much has happened in five years. i got my msw a few years ago and work as a social service administrator, john & i are about to celebrate our 10th anniversary and spadie & cairo are still purring & causing trouble. i passed your building yesterday. oh, william, save a seat for me, someday we’ll pick up where we left off.–love, kathy

WR (
22 May, 2000
Hi Will,
Cyn and I came to visit you at church. It’s been five years…
Love from everyone,

05 February, 2000
Hi WD-
Saw your family in Balto the other day at Bootsy’s funeral. Everyone’s thinking about you.

01 February, 2000
Hi William,
Betty Sherwood died recently, so I am on my way to Balto to the funeral and to see the family. Thinking about you. With much love…Dad

23 June, 1999
Dear William…
We’ve been thinking about you a lot and missing you, especially since your birthday was so recent. I went up to the Cathedral on June 2nd and left you some yellow flowers, a candle and a birthday card. Someone else had also lit a candle for you, so I arranged a nice little still-life.
Love from Sarah, Taylor, Cynthia and me.

Joseph Remmes (
30 April, 1999
It’s been four years now, and it still seems like only yesterday. Missing you a lot.

Jason Rodriguez (
12 June, 1998
Hey pal,
Miss you mucho’ bro.
Happy birthday: I’m always a little late… you know, it’s a GEMINI thing! Anyway I’ll always love you. You are a true warrior brother forever… Your friend and soulmate. Flavor Jay!