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19 September 2023

Thinking of you

Virginia Smith <>

25 February 2020

Happy Birthday! – Aunt Ann

Ann E OBrien <>

19 May 2015

miss u brother

Debra Lee Wright <>

Francisco Garcia (

28 August, 2014
May the peace of God be with him and his family.

Anastasia (
02 May, 2013
I am not sure you left because you were very unhappy maybe you just left because you could see not much sense in this life in our world!
But you radiate kindness and beauty in every possible sense! Many who are surely missing you.
I send you flowers and my warmest thoughts to your mom who is probably as nice as you are! Because you are somewhere, even if we cannot see you!

Virginia Smith (
23 August, 2009
May the Lord bless you with peace in your heart, Donna.
04 July, 2009
Today is 4th of July I am thinking of all the times we were camping at Thousand Trails.You were such a blessing my first born grandson.. I miss you, your Mom and grandpa. Someday we will be together again. I love you
12 October, 2006
Sean, we never met, although I always new about you. Growing up I thought about you now and again, and once I was a teenager into my early 20’s I thought about you all the time. I used to go to Holy Cross Cemetary and leave flowers on our father’s grave. Yes, OUR father. I am the sister you never met, nor may have you known about me. I was born March 3, 1971 and I too am a Piscean. I have read pages and pages about you, and how you touched so many lives. I am sad that I never met you, and I will never forget how I felt when I saw your grave stone, just one year after you had died. I felt as if a part of me had died too, and I sobbed for the rest of the day.
Reading about your life, I am crying outwardly as I realize how many things we had in common. Our interests, our ability to love, and many other things I have read give me chills to see that you, my brother, were so much like me.
I too have thought about ending it all – but have never had the courage to do it. I am so sorry you had to see the tragic accident to our father when you were such a young child. I am sorry that you had so many other horrific things happen to you while you were alive. I hope that you are happy and at peace, and I pray that one day, our souls shall meet.
Your sister,
Cherise McGarry
11 February, 2006
Two dozen red roses for Sean and his mother Donna Wotherspoon I miss you both so much

02 September, 2005
When links of life are broken
And a child has to part
There is nothing that will ever heal
A parents broken heart….
Author Unknown
Grandmother of Sean M O’Brien Feb 25 1972- Nov 20 1995
suicide- hanging
Sean’s story
Donna R Wotherspoon Step 7 1954–Jan 31-2003
kidney and liver failure

“garry bourne” (
15 July, 2005
My Son is one of the lucky ones who has pulled through
my thoughts are with you.
07 July, 2005
In Our Hearts

We thought of you with love today,
But that is nothing new.
We thought about you yesterday,
And days before that too.

We think of you in silence.
We often speak your name.
Now all we have are memories,
And your picture in a frame.

Your memory is our keepsake,
With which we’ll never part.
God has you in His keeping.
We have you in our heart.

Unknown Author

“Kim Scullin”
13 March, 2005
My heart is touched. I wish you the peace we all are searching for. I understand…my son took his life several months ago. He was my heart and it is broken. I wish I could offer some words of wisdom something that would make it all right again but all I can offer is understanding and prayers.
20 May, 2004

Your gentle face and patient smile
With sadness we recall
You had a kindly word for each
And died beloved by all.

The voice is mute and stills the heart,
That loved us well and true,
Ah, bitter was the trial to part
From one so good as you.

You are not forgotten loved one,
Nor will you ever be,
As long as life and memory last
We will remember thee.

We miss you now our hearts are sore,
As times go by we miss you more,
Your loving smile, your gentle face,
No one can fill your vacant place.

Author Unknown

“Nathan T. O’Brien” (
10 May, 2004
As I was researching something, I came across Sean’s picture, a poem he had written, and some comments from his mother and a poem written by a friend of the family. As a young man of twenty-four years, I was moved by descriptions of this young man who is now with God..Though my own comments are brief and inconsequential, I would like to think they are also proof that Sean’s legacy carries on, impacting even those who never had the fortune of personally meeting him. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, and especially Sean’s mother, who, by these short accounts obviously knew his deepest and most precious personal traits and nuances like no other person on earth. May God Bless all of you..and may you find solace in the legacy your precious son, brother, and friend still leaves people to this day.
Nathan T. O’Brien

“Paula Berry” (
04 April, 2004
I only wish that I had been able to contact your mom before it was too late. We were friends when we were teenagers, but lost contact after high school. The last time I saw her was when you were just a toddler, and my oldest son was a newborn. Little did we know that in years to come we would both suffer the loss of a child, our first born sons. My son Scott was born in 1/74 and was the victim of a homicide in 11/91. I recall some time back that I got word your mom was trying to locate me. I wasn’t sure exactly where she was at the time, and was busy, so put off trying to contact her until later. A lesson to us all is… don’t put things off, as when you finally get around to it, you may find that it’s too late. I know that Donna knows I’m thinking of her and Sean, and I’m sure she’s met up with Scott, and my mom, who is also now in heaven, and she knew well from spending so much time at our house in junior high school. I’m leaving several flowers for all of these angels in heaven. I leave you all Carnations and Pansies, as they were Scott’s favorite… he said Pansies looked like kids with dirty faces when he was little. I also leave you a bouquet of Baby Yellow Roses with Babies Breath. Just for our sons, who left this earth way too soon, I leave a field of Sunflowers.
16 January, 2004
We are connected, My child and I,
by an invisible cord, not seen by the eye.
It’s not like the cord that connects us ’til birth
This cord can’t be seen by any on Earth.
This cord does its work right from the start.
It binds us together, attached to my heart.
I know that it’s there, though no one can see,
The invisible cord from my child to me.
The strength of this cord is hard to describe.
It can’t be destroyed, it can’t be denied.
It’s stronger than any cord man could create,
It withstands the test, can hold any weight.
And though you are gone, Though you are not here with me,
The cord is still there, but no one can see.
It pulls at my heart, I am bruised…I am sore,
But this cord is my lifeline, as never before.
I am thankful that God connects us this way,
A mother and child–Death can’t take it away!
~Author unknown
I am thinking about you Sean and your Mom

25 December, 2003
Merry Christmas Sean and Donna. We miss you both so much. I know you both are together you Dad free from hurt and pain, and with rejoicing with the Lord. I am thinking of all the happy we had in Christmas past, I love you both so much.
31 March, 2003
I was looking for a particular poem and I came across your website for your son. I was trying to find several different poems to put for friends and family to read while visiting my only brothers grave. He too, took his own life. I never expected to find the poem I was looking for where I did, but I believe there was a reason I found it there. Bryan was/is/and always will be one of the greatest people I ever knew. I was blessed to not only be his sister, but also his friend. My heart and thoughts are with you. Keri Struckman For Bryan 3/20/77-9/28/01
05 March, 2003
My heartfelt sympathy to your Grandmother. She has endured so much. A daughter and a grandson… oh I cannot imagine. May she be at peace knowing you and your Mom are together at last without pain and suffering. I will cherish each day with my son more than ever now. Thank you… Sean.
03 February, 2003
Dear Grandson:
Your Mother left us today to be with the good Lord you and your Dad. She told me your Dad was her one and only true love. I know she is at last at peace. She missed you so much and was very sick. We will miss her here on earth but know she’s happy now. lots of pink roses for the three of you Love you Grandma

20 November, 2002
Sean Thinking of you this day with much sadness, love you and miss you so much, red roses for you, grandson.
love Grandma

31 October, 2002
My darling Sean, It’s been almost seven years. We miss you so much. You will never be forgotten. You are in my heart always. I Love you so much Grandma

28 July, 2002
It’s been many years since you’ve left Sean, and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you. I still have a picture of your smiling face that I glance at when I am feeling lonely. I always feel better. To Donna: Although we have never met, I want you to know how much Sean touched my life. I did not find out about his death for a year or two after it happened. Perhaps you remember my phone call? I think about him often, and feel so lucky having known him. He treated me with such love and respect, always making me feel like the most beautiful girl on earth. And he wasn’t even my boyfriend! We could go years without seeing each other, and when we finally did, it was like we had never been apart. He was so special, always giving me stones to wear to protect and watch over me. (I too am a Pisces, born just a day after Sean). His thoughtfulness and insight about the world amazed me. He always saw the good. I am saddened still by his death, and will always wonder why he felt he had to go. I miss him. God bless you and your family. For Sean I leave a field full of daisies.

“Hagadorn, Pamela” (
23 October, 2001
The flowers I leave you are mums. As they were my fathers favorite flower. I lost my father to suicide on October 8, 1998 and it is still very painful for me. Like Sean my father was an incredible individual and is sorely missed by all who knew and loved him. Time will dull the pain I hope. I just wanted to say that I was very moved by your memorial to Sean and I only wish I was as elequant with my words of sympathy to you and all of your loved ones. Please know that you are not alone and that someday you will be with Sean again. He is safe now and at peace. I like to think of my father as my guardian angel and it sounds to me like Sean is the perfect angel for you…..With much sympathy and respect. Pamela Hagadorn Oct. 22, 2001

“Robert Hughes” (
07 January, 2001

“Ubaldo Torre” (
01 February, 2000
Sitting here drowning in my depression, thinking of you.
People remember this….
People so seldom say I Love You
and then it’s either too late
or love goes.
So when I tell you I Love You
it doesn’t meant I know you’ll
never go
Only that I wish you didn’t have to.
Laurence Craig Green 1970.

“SIWL” (
05 January, 2000
To Sean: you are already at peace with God and the angels…you lived only a short time in this world, but had a gentling effect on the lives of your family and friends, who miss you and love you dearly. Your mother has written a heartfelt tribute to your memory, and it is glorious and beautiful, just like your spirit. She sounds as wonderful as you do. May God bless you and your mother, and help her to feel less pain and more peace as time goes by, until you meet again when it is her time to follow you. Shine brightly, Sean, shine like a diamond in the sky, and help your mother to find strength in the light of God. Here is a lovely bouquet of colorful wildflowers for you, Sean, fragrant and free…mixed with bright green, sturdy shamrocks to symbolize your proud and strong heritage. Go Brach, M’aghra…
Judy O’Brien Bur

“Caroline Stewart” (
04 November,1999
For Sean and Donna
One night a man had a dream. He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the LORD. Across the sky flashed scenes from his life. For each scene, he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand; one belonged to him, and the other to the LORD.
When the last scene of his life flashed before him, he looked back at the footprints in the sand. He noticed that many times along the path of his life there was only one set of footprints. He also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times in his life.
This really bothered him and he questioned the LORD about it. “LORD, you said that once I decided to follow you, you’d walk with me all the way. But I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life, there is only one set of footprints. I don’t understand why when I needed you most you would leave me.”
The LORD replied, “My precious, precious child, I love you and I would never leave you. During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.”
The text of this has meant so much to me over the years, I hope that you can see what I see, he is always with us and helping us, but sometimes he knows that people need to go, I have tried to take my life twice in the last three years, I now no longer feel that way… God has helped me have faith that things can get better, when he allowed you son to go.. believe that he had a good reason, he must have been too good for this world and he is truly blessed, keep that thought.
Caroline Stewart
Essex, England

“RKR31054” (
17 September, 1999
i saw what was written on the internet, and it touched me very deeply. rest peacefully sean

“Dianna Bennett (Wencea)” (
15 August, 1999
His story touched my heart. I was contemplating suicide. Now I know that I can’t go on with that… I wish his family peace
08 August, 1999
I just had to tell you that your tribute to your son really touched my heart. The way I would describe your son from all the touching words spoken about him is that he was an angel here on earth. There are not many people like your son and the values he learned started with you. You should be very proud of him. I can’t imagine how hard this loss must be, but just remember that Sean is a heavenly angel sharing his love with others and making heaven a better place for all that join him. I know I will hold my boys a little tighter tonight and continue to thank God for everyday they are with me. I leave for Sean red roses for the love he gave to others, and white roses for the pureness in his heart and soul.
God Bless you and your family,
Toni Marie

“Vicki Halterman” (
27 June, 1999
Soft, clear formations
Wet, slippery jewels
This is how I think rain feels
When it touches the earth

Spreading out like hot butter
Penetrating the soil
Sliding on the concrete
Making colors in oil

Droplets on the tree leaves
Droplets on the car
Droplets on my cheeks
As I stare into the stars

Puddles form in the streets
Rivers will rise
Floods overtake me
Right before my eyes

Caressa (
06 April, 1999
Sean, I know you have found peace with God. Help my son to find that peace also.
Mother of Ronald {Piel) 3/22/99
04 April, 1999
I’d like to let you know that I have delt with the suicide of a friend of mine, and many who have delt with depression and attempted suicide in front of me (well, two dear friends, to be truthful). I’d just like to say, may God keep you in His heart and bless you with roses to help you through your pain.

Margie Boone (
26 January, 1999
Although I never met Sean, I realize how hard it is to loose a loved one to suicide. I lost my grandmother that way, and you never out live the questions in your mind. All I can say is that he with God now and at peace, if you just remember that he will always stay in your heart. Good Luck in your healing. God Bless and be with you all. Margie Boone, Red Oak, Texas
12 December, 1998
As i read your memorial to your son, i was reminded of my own loss only a year ago. I lost an old friend to suicide on November 7. 1997. I was away at college and found out the night before thanksgiving that he had committed suicide a few weeks before. The past year I have spent searching for clues or answers to why this happened and struggling to reach closure. Your tribute to your son is beautiful….

Julie Thompson (
29 November, 1998
Dear Mrs. Wotherspoon,
As I read over Sean’s memorial it really touched me. It helps us see just how fragile and fleeting life can be. Sean is free now and the pain that must have consumed him is gone. He seemed like very special person. Loved by many. Grief really does suck. Thank God in time it does get easier. Sean now gets to learn things we can’t even dream of. We miss the ones we lose but at least we know where they are. Some are not as blessed as you and I. I lost my dad in a trucking accident 5 years ago and waves of intense pain still waft over me from time to time, but life is getting easier. Sometimes I wonder what this life is all about. It feels almost like a cruel joke. I know people who have never lost anyone close to them. That is when envy sets in. Then I go back to the scriptures and get my reality check. They say nothing on this earth is harder than losing a child. I can’t say I know personally but my Aunt lost her son of 17 yrs to a drunk driver and her life will never be the same. I guess all I really wanted to say was that when I read through Sean’s memorial I grieved with you. I will pray for you and ask God to step up the healing process. It’s only been three years and eight days since Sean left for greener pastures. I wonder what he does up there? Jesus probably has him pretty busy. Just remember Donna you have a friend up in Canada praying for you and your family.
God Bless,

“Bob & Jane Birkby” (
29 November, 1998
Flowers for Sean

Julie Chen (
29 May, 1998
I’m very touched by the poems written by Sean ( yes, I am also a fish) … I can understand and emphasize with his feeling as well as his mother’s grief… in time I hope his mother’s pain will ease, but time won’t diminish the cherished memory of our loved one … may peace and love be with you always…

TeresaL895 (
10 April, 1998
Dear Donna,
Words cannot express how sorry I am for your loss. I lost my mom to suicide a year and a half ago. I have heard that time lessens the pain. Although the pain is not the same as it was the weeks following her death. It has yet to lessen for me. I truly hope that time is healing your pain somehow. God bless you and your family.
Love Teresa

Pam Lord (
26 March, 1998
A son as handsome as my own! May they both rest in peace.

Jennifer Gurney (
08 November, 1997

I just want to leave my greatest sympathies, I am a 17 year old female, who thought of suicide only yesterday, i know the pain, after looking at this site i am glad that i am still here. I am so sorry that you had to suffer the grief that was left behind from a beautiful son taking his life, i am sure he is in a peaceful place now free from all pressures and pain.

Maria Pardue (
29 September 1997

i came across your touching tribute to a beautiful young man.. i wanted to take the time to reach out and offer my sincerest sympathies. i know the pain of losing a loved one.. my best friend killed himself in 1995, and, although time eases the pain..the loss is still there. i know there will never be a replacement for what you have lost. i only hope that you find as much happiness and peace as possible. i have faith that one day, when the angels guide you to your rest you shall see him again, just as i will see my beloved friend. these are the thoughts that help me move on, even through the hardest times. may you and your family hold each other dear and keep your beloved son’s memory close to your hearts and find comfort that he is at peace among angels.
with love and empathy,
maria pardue

Karen C. Kantor (
Thu, 26 Dec 1996

In memory of Sean Michael O’Brien
Dear Donna,

My heart aches for you. I lost my son to suicide 5 years ago. The hole in my heart can never be filled. He was my first born and only 18 years old when he died.

No one knows the pain that you are going through. Not even someone who has lost a child themselves. Grief is so individual.

I wish you well. Enjoy your other children. They need you and you need them more than you know. They will be the reason you keep going on. As hard as it is to believe life does go on. Some day you will even be able to laugh without feeling guilty.

Take care of yourself,
Karen C Kantor
Mother of Michael John Eisenbeiser 11/27/72 – 3/14/91

Maureen Seifert (
Wed, 4 Dec 1996

For Sean O’Brien. He is a beautiful boy!
May God hold him in His care until you can meet him again.
In Sympathy, Maureen Seifert

Killeen Andrews (
Sat, 30 Nov 1996

May you find the peace that eluded you.

Dan Chupinsky (
Tue, 19 Nov 1996

Do not stand by my grave and weep.....
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am a diamond glint on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awake in the
morning hush, I am the
swift upflinging rush of quiet birds' circling flight.
I am the soft star shine at night.
Do not stand by my grave and cry....
I am not there
I did not die.

Author Unknown

Paul Newman (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996

Even though I didn’t know you, you have touched my heart.

Susan Curlee (
Wed, 23 Oct 1996

Dozens of beautiful white star flowers – white as a symbol of your pure heart and unselfish devotion to others … star flowers to remind those you left behind that you are now one with the stars of the universe, created and loved by God. Rest now in peace, Sean and know your short life here has touched many.

M. Christian (
Wed, 23 Oct 1996

A bouquet of love, compassion and remembrance for a sweet young man.