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31 March 2022

My Sweet Cowboy, Miss & Love you most Tell tell your ma I said hi & I miss her too xoxo


29 December 2021

I’ve been thinking of you, quite often. One more ride for you, around my 50th bday. Miss you friend

Bobby Michael Couch

1 August 2021

My Sweet Cowboy Love you Always


28 October 2019

thinking of you .. steve e

18 July 2019

Forever Loved & Missed Sweet Cowboy.

Love Always Carol
17 July, 2009
Hey Jason,
It’s hard to believe that you left us 13 years ago today. Not a day goes by where I don’t miss or think of you. It amazes me how thoughts of you still captivate me… I know they always will. (Smile) Your mom has been a true blessing to me… I thank our Lord & Savoir for her everyday. Rascal Flats came out with a new song “Why” it truly touches my heart about you. I know one day we will meet again, but until then many hugs and love!

29 July, 2008
Hi Jason,
It’s been 12 years… it is amazing how God brings us through storms even when you are weary. This year has been hard for me. Sometimes I still hear your laughter and see your smile… how peaceful … I look forward to seeing you again one day and giving you a great BIG, HUGE HUG! Forever I will love and miss you… This is for you…
THE DANCE… (the shortened version)
The Dance…
It was 1992 when I met this incredibly handsome man from the great state of Texas. I remember him catching my eye before I actually ever spoke to him. His smile could light up a city that had a power outage! That was how amazing his smile was! His eyes were as beautiful as the crisp morning sun. The night I met him he asked me to dance. Boy was I scared because I surely did not know how to do the two-step. Especially his way… We finally learned each others names… His was Jason! So we danced and he laughed at me, saying no that is not the way, just follow me. So I tried and tried. He had his own uniqueness about dancing and no other could touch him when it came to dancing. That dance was the most amazingly wonderful dance I ever had in my life. To my surprise later that evening he asked me to dance again. How could I say no to him! So handsome and charming… Yes, he was a ladies man! So I said yes and memories were made from that point on.

Well, from that moment everyday I spent with him he always took my breath away. Jason always had a way of bringing a smile to your face even if you didn’t want too. He would joke around with you until you did smile or laugh. Over the years we had special times, some not so good times, but above all I know that we had a special love that we shared with each other that no one could take away.

There was this one fateful day, if I could have turned the clock back I would have… Just like that song of Reba McIntyre’s “If I Had Only Known”.

From that fateful phone call, everything was a blur to me for the next several months. Jason passed away on July 17, 1996. He was the love of my life and has a special place in my heart and always will. How I will never forget the times we had together and the joy you bring to my heart still to this day.

I guess you could say my Dance had ended… but your smile, love and memories are in my heart forever.

May God keep you and love you forever as your family and friends do in there hearts! xxoo

11 January, 2008
Dearest Jason,
Over the years I have dealt with anger, hurt, pain, and joy. You were someone who I will always love and hold a special place in my heart for. I have gone through tests & trials that I know now that God has brought me through. You were one of the greatest tests. 🙂 I gave my heart to Jesus in Sept. 2006. I thought I would share that with you. Have I forgotten you or looks on your face… NO, and I fear that someday I will. I know that I am not to fear nothing but GOD, but how? and if I could have seen the signs, which were right there but I didn’t know what to look for at the time. I still find myself in tears when that song “If I Had Only Known” by Reba McIntire comes on, I remember Gary and I dancing to it at “Spurs” just days after you died. How do I let go… am I afraid to let go? Those are questions that I have to ask GOD and maybe someway he will let me know. Jason, I know that things were not the greatest at times, but I know the times between us were special, the talks, walks, quiet moments, watching tv & movies, listening to music, laughter, fights and just being together. I can sometimes hear your laughter and see that smirk on your face. Oh, how I miss you so…. Sometimes I feel like I am just a piece of paper flowing in the wind, still waiting to find a place to rest. I pray that your family and friends are doing good. Until, the next time. Thank you PA! 🙂 Love always…
03 September, 2007
I reached a major milestone this year, Jason. I let July 17th pass without even realizing what day it was. Yet the memory of the light in your eyes, that beautiful grin, the goodness of your heart & my love for you remain the same. I’d like to tell you that Chief Raney retired from the Navy & upon receiving his flag (which flew over our nation’s capitol, he noticed the date it flew there – July 17, 1996 – and knew exactly where that flag belonged. He sent it to me in Loving Memory of you. I haven’t heard from him in a couple of years, so I trust his pain has lessened. It continues to amaze me that people you touched still come here after 10 years & leave a note. It confirms the fact for me that you were loved by so very many. I wish your nephew could have known you longer. He is so much a combination of you & your brother it often takes my breath away…..and now he’s playing football. You would have been his biggest fan. It comforts me knowing that Granny saw you waiting for her just hours before she died. I also draw a massive amount of comfort knowing that because of our Heavenly Father, we will be together again some day. I love you & miss you, Jason.
Many, many hugs,

Jason, I also want you & all your friends to know that I have a new web page. It will eventually have some pictures of you there. They can visit it at: I’m hoping this site will also minister to others who find themselves in your situation. I love you. Mom (yeah, I know……”Are you done now, Mom?”)
16 July, 2007
Another year is gone. I hope you are looking down on us all and give the blessings that we give to you. I am sure that your family ponders July 17 with remembrance and sadness. Be good.

17 July, 2006
Hey Jason,
Hard to believe it’s been 10 yrs. You were a good friend.
08 July, 2006
Hi there PA! 🙂 It’s hard to believe 10 years has come & gone, since you went to be with the angels above. I find myself still smiling at all the times we shared. You have a piece of my heart and always will. Forever & ever I will miss you. xxoo

“Christine L. Seeney” (
19 February, 2004
I miss you everyday, I cannot forget the years of trouble we got into at Cotton Eyed Joe’s and sneaking in and out of the barracks in the middle of the night. After all these years, I still can’t stop remembering the friendship and fun we had. But most of all the love we shared. You are forever branded in my mind and heart. I hope your covering all your bulls and having a great time at those rodeos in the sky. I will see you when I get there and boy do you have some questions to answer. You looked great the last time we talked and hoped we would get together again soon. Save me a dance as always and I still have your toothbrush at my apt.

Carolyn Toomey (
25 January, 2003
I would like to leave these flowers for the man who taught me much about life and love…. you will always be in my heart and in each smile I have….. forever I will love and miss you dearly….

The Memory
I lie awake alone at night
With tears of pain in my eyes
Wondering if it’ll ever be “alright”
And when I can stop all these late-night cries

The golden memory of you and I
Continues to fade with ongoing time
Still trying to figure out how and why
Where we went wrong and how it could die

I wish we could go back to that day
The day we both were hurt and torn
I’d try to stop you and have more to say
But my heart was tired, hurt and worn

I’m still holding onto the memory
It seems to get harder everyday
Thinking of what could and should be
I just need to let go so the pain will go away

Poem written by: Denise Miller – 8/31/02

“scott williams” (
27 September, 2000
I am leaving flowers for Jason. He was a good friend to me and to alot of other people he came in contact with. To this day I still have a scar on my hand that he gave to me in football practice, and whenever I see that on my hand, I get a big smile on my face just remembering those times. Thanks for the poem, it is very awesome. My heart with yours… Thanks Jason!!!!
Love, Scott and Cindy Williams
07 August, 2000
Someone out there cares I’m sending one up for you Jason cheri

“hall8080” (
24 April, 2000
I feel your loss, and grieve with you. God bless you and your family.
D. Hall

Amber Muth (
20 March, 2000
My deepest empathy for all. I have lost a total of three to suicide including my father and would like to offer my thoughts and love to Jason and all that knew and loved him. Love is eternal and the spirit is everlasting.

“Bev Jenkins” (
12 March, 2000
I have no words to express my feelings… Remember Jason is only in the next room waiting for you.
28 February, 2000
I would like flowers for Jason Allen Robert
18 February, 2000
We still think of you so often, Jason, and miss you all the time. You were a special guy and I personally believe that you’re making the angels in Heaven smile with your quick wit and little pranks. I’ll see you again, someday. Love, Aunt Pollye

Jason and Kathie Pretzel (
05 August, 1999
He sounds like the kind of person the world needs… Kathie
05 May, 1999
I’m sorry for your loss. I wish I could say somthing more meaningful than that but words escape me at the moment. Jason sounded like a good person. Those aren’t always easy to find. When I do somthing new.. I’ll think of him and let him live it with me.
Robyn Mimna [ 19 ]

“Alma Vega” (
20 December, 1998
Alma I. Vega Flores
Grupo Senda

Veronica Cannon (
08 December, 1998
I was deeply touch to read about Robert Jason Allen. I also lost someone very close to me 7 years ago from suicide. No one can begin to try to figure out the reasons why someone chooses to take their life. I hope RJ’s family will find peace and know that RJ made a mistake that had nothing to do with them. The best we can do is to carry on for ourselves and for the memory of our loved ones who will be forever missed.

PPeter6733 (
26 January, 1998
Flowers for R.J. Allen, I felt a great loss reading about R.J. he was so young, and I have a son, I plan to hold him tight tonight, and tell him how much mom loves him. It made me do a lot of thinking, and in his passing he has helped me to see what is number one in my life, I thank him. And I am so sorry to all of the family I’m sure it is still difficult. Bless you all.

AIVR Corporation (
Thu, 26 Dec 1996

Rest assured that your memorial is being read by others, and that we feel the depth of your grief. The poem is magnificent.

Mom (
Wed, 23 Oct 1996

Dozens and dozens of red roses for my son, symbolizing the love his many friends and his family had for him … and one pure white rose to remind us of the guarantee we have to be with him again one day. Hold this memory bittersweet, Jason, until we meet again …. I love you … Mom.