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2 October 2018

Miss you mihijo


25 June 2018

My heart missing you always. Love John.

John Grijalva <>

27 December 2017

Miss you. Hold in my heart.


16 May 2016

Missing you. God be with you.


21 February 2015

Just sayin hi.

Love you Justin thinking of you all the time i know you still listen to me when I talk to you about journey in this Life Im so glad you still live in my spirit. … Love tio


4 August 2009

I miss you mijo……… so much, you are always in my thoughts, your voice is in my head, your laugh, i hear you mijo, i hope you know how much i love you, and miss you, my heart aches for you mijo i wish you were here with us still cuz theres a place in my life that is only meant for you. When i close my eyes i can see you, i can spend time with you my memories that you gave me are precious to me, i hold you close to my heart mijo JUSTIN I LOVE YOU always

Tia minty

7 June, 2009

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Hapy birthday dear Justin. Happy Birthday to you. I love you and miss you so much. There goes another year.

Love, Mom

Esther F. Catuiza <>

April 9, 2009

Dear Tio Juistin,
I miss you so much.The memories that I have of you I held to my heart dearly. Love Lexie

07 June, 2008
Happy birthday love you and miss you.

29 October, 2007
I love you son and miss you dearly.
09 June, 2007
Family — love of family.
You are and always will be an example of love of family. Thank you for that.
tia cousin

08 June, 2006
Happy, happy, celebration of a wonderful kid—-it was so wonderful—your love from your family will never be forgotten.
your tia-cousin
Amory Ramirez
07 June, 2006
Happy Birthday Justin. I miss you every day. Justin this is dad, you are with me every day. I miss everything about you, this will always be a important day in my life. I remember everything about the day you were born, as i said before, i’ll love you till the end of time and until there is no more me. Love You son, Dad. Love you son Mom.

“Fernando Granados” (
25 December, 2005
Justin- You are greatly missed. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t remember your sillliness and your matter of fact ways. Although you are not here I know you are not far, for you are a part of many of us. – Love you “BIG GAL” aka “Part big Foot”

“Esther F. Catuiza” (
07 June, 2005
We were all here son on your birthday. Thinking of the wonderful things that happen when you were among us. Mom

Happy Birthday Justin. I miss you every day of my life son. I love you son. I will see again. Love Mom

“Gayle Ortiz” (
10 June, 2003
Thought about on your “30th” birthday. Your smile and love for family. Think of you always mijo. Love Tia Gayle

Esther F. Catuiza (
07 June, 2003
Happy Birthday Justin we all were here Dad, me, Andre, Lexie, and Andie. Missing you so much. Love you son.

Esther Catuiza (
07 May, 2003
I miss you so much. You will be in my heart and mind always.

15 October, 2002
I was recently reflecting on some “funny” times that were shared with you and I just wanted to say that whenever I think of you, I always end up smiling, or even laughing out loud. I know that you are there, with me/us, smiling and laughing when we remember “funny” moments with you. Miss you and love you, Berna

18 August, 2002
From time to time I will go to the cemetary to visit and sort out things I have on my mind. I was on the internet today and found this page entitled Catuiza. You are missed by everyone here and we’ll all meet again one day. Until that day comes, know we all love and miss you.
Love, Tio Toto

Esther Catuiza (
10 February, 2002
Time doesn’t stop son but my heart still feels the pain of missing you. I love you Justin and I always will.

“Elisabetta Scatarzi” (
16 October, 2001
he seemed to be so young… a thought from Italy

Esther Catuiza (
06 August, 2001
My dearest son you’ve been on my mind constantly. Though I can’t see you, you’re with me always. It’s so hard. But I want you to know I love you and miss you dearly.

“Gayle Ortiz” (
15 April, 2001
Dear Justin,
Just leaving a few words to tell you I miss you and your always in my heart and mind. Thank you for being my closest nephew and best friend. You made me so very happy that we grew up together and we were there for each other no matter what I always told you that. Always until the end. Miss you much. I can always hear your laughter even though you are not hear physicaly but in mind. Until we meet again mijo.
Love Your Tio,
Adrian Jeff Catuiza

Esther Catuiza (
13 April, 2001
My dearest, dearest darling. Time is ever so slow.Nothings the same without you. Days continue to present themselves to me, and with all that it has to offer your the biggest part of them.Your smile, your laughter, your love. Know this my darling….. I LOVE YOU, your loved every passing minute. My heart is forever yours to eternity. Life is most difficult, I stand alone. Your memories are what keep me going. I look to hear your voice, your warmth, your funny little sayings. Sometimes I think Im crazy and catch myself talking as you are there. I guess those are things love is made of. I remember what you have always told me and to this day it still rings true. I am forever yours until we are together again . Sending you love and kisses. Yours Truly, Me.

“Rachel Savala” (
26 March, 2001
Justin, We love you and think of you often. We miss you very much. May God bless your Mom, Dad, Andre and his family. XXOO Frank, Rachel, Frank Jr and Phil

Marta Frausto (
23 March, 2001
Justin: You are in my heart and my soul forever. With much love and affection, your Tia.

Esther Catuiza (
16 March, 2001
Justin,You are on my mind and in my heart all of the time. Son, there is a big emptiness without you.I still look for you all the time.I love Justin… And that will be until the end of time. Love Daddy

“Gayle Ortiz” (
11 March, 2001
Hey Cousin, It’s me Nene! I wrote this note to let you know that I miss you alot and that I will never forget you. It seems like yesterday you were over here at grandpas kicking back with us laughing and chillin because it was the thing to do.But knowing your up there with grandpa and grandma and our Lord Jesus Christ makes me and the family feel alot better so take care and remember that you will always be my favorite cousin that I could tell you anything and thank you for that because you can’t tell every body every thing.well sunshine I gots to go. Love you always and forever. Your Cousin Irene

“Raymond Catuiza” (
03 March, 2001
Justin thank you for bringing so much love and happpiness into my life and all of our family’s life. You are truely a gift from god. I miss and love you dearly

“The Ortiz Family” (
18 December, 2000
It’s almost Christmas and many memories of you flood my mind. You are missed a lot my dear Justin and I know your mom, dad and brother must be feeling your absence tremendously right now. You are not fogotten my mijo.
Tia Gayle & Family

“Gayle Ortiz” (
13 November, 2000
My Dearest Justin,
It’s been almost a year already that you became ill and I have thought of you often. Oldies on the radio always put a smile (and sometimes tears to my eyes) on my face. My prayer is that you sit with your Grandpas & Grandmas up in heaven where it is beautiful for everyone. You are missed so much. Your laugh, your beautiful smile and your loving ways. But all of this lives in our hearts, always will.
Tia Gayle & Family

“Etcrier” (
09 November, 2000
The love you shared during our lives was tremendous. There is never a day that passes by without thoughts of you in my head. You always brought so much joy to everybody that surrounded you. You gave us all something to keep with us in our hearts, that words cannot express, and I thank you. You will be cherished in everybodies memories until the end of time. I love you very much,
Raymond Catuiza

“Kirsen Catuiza” (
28 September, 2000
Just a quick We miss you and Love you. Love Tio Art, Tia Kirsen and Nathan

Esther Catuiza (
24 September, 2000
Isn’t it nice even if time passes, people don’t forget you. But yet recall moments they treasure most about you. The never ending love you gave them. Something special will forever be left in our hearts for you no matter our sorrow.