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Crystal Beach Co-op (
02 May, 2000
A rose for mothers day, you still are in our thoughts.

20 September, 1997

Your Roses were in bloom, many roses just for you. Your tree grows bigger and we have made the house new just for you. Again I visit to bring you news that will make you smile. Another year has gone by and it’s still the same. Simon is now going off to college to learn to be a chef, He has come to the conclusion that he needs to get on with his life. Rebecca is going through tough times but is now moving into an apartment in Paul and Lena’s new house. It helps them and it helps Becky. She is asking tough questions and I am giving her honest answers. We miss you, Kevin (F) is getting some help to overcome his troubles we hope it helps. I feel The Link of nature draw me:
Flesh of Flesh.
Bone of my bone thou art,
and from thy state
Mine shall never be parted,
Bliss or woe

Sat, 26 Oct 1996

We leave you flowers for your eternal life and may it be a happy one. We leave you white roses for peace.

Ian (
Thu, 19 Sep 1996

Roses are red, and summer is about over, I am planting flowers just for you. It has been one year now, and you are still deep in my heart.

I am getting married on Saturday. Lynn and kevin need a mom. Shelley is her name and her life’s experience will be good for Simon. I built Simon his own pad in the garage. But he is lost and wont admitt to it.

Kelly and kathy laid flowers at the crossing to-day. The bridge was up at 4:00pm and a transport came by as if to say good bye.

I am putting some of your pictures away but you won’t be forgotton. Love always Ian.

Ian (
Fri, 3 May 1996

I have planted roses for you and a tree, an evergreen, so that it will grow forever.

I seemed to have done something stupid, so Kathy and I are spending some time apart it seems that she is running away and needed an excuse to call it off.

I don’t know yet if we will get back together, she is getting councelling and she has an appointment next week. I am going away for a day and at the end of next week if she does not call. then i will write to her and have her clarify once and for all If this is the end after all we shared. I hope not, but this will give me a chance to catch up on some sleep.

We miss you very much. Becky wants to trade in her car and the grey car to buy another as her car is giving her trouble. Lynn is playing Roller hockey and last week got an assist. She got out this week and passed the puck around.

Funny the one thing that was to bring Kathy and I closer together was the thing that pulled us apart. Lynns birthday was not the same without you but we managed to get by.

We Love you dearly and miss you so much.

Betsy Martens (
Thu, 4 Apr 1996

A mother’s love is the closest we on earth can come to understanding the meaning of eternity.

From: Kelly (
Sun, 4 Feb 1996

I took my Princely dog for a walk in the woods at Chippawa Park on a cold Sunday a few weeks ago. I was thinking that you would’ve enjoyed being there. In fact, I felt like you were there. When I told Katherine about it, she agreed that you would’ve appreciated it. We haven’t planted any trees in your name yet but we’re working on it. I’m doing the best I can to work on the things you started. Ian has been amazingly helpful showing me around the web Take care out there. We saw your rainbow.

Kevin (
Sun, 4 Feb 1996

Follow up: I screwed up, as I’m still learning. Anyway, this my first time on the internet. Appropriate eh? I got into my computer courses, as planned so you can expect to receive more messages in the future as I become more proficient at computer interfacing. I miss you. Signed, your loving brother, Kevin.

From: Kathy with love
Sun, 28 Jan 1996

I need you so bad, life sucks without you, Your cheerful smile, your nudges to get going, your organization in my life. We miss your laughter we miss your company, life is just not the same anymore. WE LOVE YOU.