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6 July 2016

Never far from my heart! Love you still.

Carol Anderheggen


26 October, 2006
You should know that I think of you often and with good reason. So sorry that you left this world. M
29 February, 2000
Rest In Peace

Carol Anderheggen (
28 March, 1998
Still here, hon, thinking of you. You would love my new computer! Yes, I heard the message about the monitor size, and the size of the RAM. You always said “Go for the best” and you were! I love you still and always will…

Carol Anderheggen (
Sun, 07 Apr 1996

To our beloved Hap. Here it is Easter 1996, and it seems forever impossible to accept that you are not here. I hear your voice, I see your hands, I hear that very particular laugh, how many times I have told a joke, only to wish you were the one that I was telling it to. Never knew, never could have known, never wanted to know how much I would miss you. Now I know, and now I try to lessen the ache with thinking of how special those times were. The ache is still there. I looked out the window yesterday, and the only thing that gave me comfort was thinking that one day I would see you again. I still love you.

Your sad-sack, Mela. xxoo

Jennie Moore (
Wed, 7 Feb 1996

Wishing you could have been with your family longer.

Paul Diette (
Thu, 8 Feb 1996

With love always, from Paul