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10 September, 2008
Dear Conner
nine years have passed since you passed and a lot has happened since then, i wonder what things would have been like had you lived. may god keep you safe in his keeping. Jean Cathrine
24 January, 2000
Dearest Brother
I cannot tell you how much I miss you. I find that it is hard for me to go from day to day and not grieve for you and my life is so empty without you. Conner you were the best brother and I love and miss you my dear wonderful brother.
Your Brother,
14 February, 2000
I would give all my tommorow’s for just one yesterday, to have you here with me again. To tell you how much I love you. To see your smiling face again. But I can’t and so i go on alone. But even though i go on I keep my love for you deep in my heart. Happy Valentines Day My Darling Conner. Ta Gra Agam Ort. 381 Forever x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

31 December, 1999
My Dearest Darling Conner,
This time of year has been hard for me. Hard because you are not here to share it with me. Your picture hangs on the tree as does the little decoration in the shape of a computer that you bought for our first christmas together. The pain of your loss does not ease. I miss you with every day that passes and cannot wait for God to call me home also, so i can at last look into your eyes and tell you of my love for you. God bless you Conner now and forever. Ta Gram Agam Ort. 3.8.1.Forever.
24 December, 1999
My Dearest Brother Conner,
You know I miss you with each day that goes by and it is so hard for me to bear each day without you, this Christmas is going to be hard without you and not hearing you and Aodhan play the bagpipes. Your in my heart and I will visit you again tomorrow, I love you my dearest most loving brother. Conner all your life you have done for others. We love and miss you so much.
Your Loving Sister,
24 December, 1999
Mae Daorest Brother Conner,
Ye know me daor brother ye hav been on me mind these past few daez and I canna tell ye jus how muc I hav missed ye. Conner tha daez jus seem tu go by I dunna know one dae frum tha next since ye hav been gone. I remember all tha iongantach and sillie thinz that we uze tu du and it bringz a smile tu me face. Thiz Christmas we will bae playin tha pipez jus fae ye mae daor iongantach brother. Thiz Christmas and all of them will bae jus fae ye. We gradh ye Conner and we mizz ye teriblie muc.All me gradh iz wit ye mae iongantach brother.
Ye Brother,

18 December, 1999
Me Daorest Brother Conner,
I willa nay faeget ye mae daor iongantach brother. Ye hav brought mae naythin but joi and ye made ebre dae a bery eibhlinn and most iongantach experience fae mae. Ye hav alwayz been a gud ceanail brother and I willa nay faeget ye. I gradh ye mae daor daicheile iongantach brother. I hav written a poem fae ye, I know it coud nay compair tu all tha breagha poetre that ye use tu write but I dochas that ye will like it.

by Aodhan
I quiver. I shiver.
Thae tell mae tha newz.
I wunder whi He choze ye.
I walk tha streetz rememberin ye
Nay matter whut thae sae,
it’z still tha same.
Onlie ye coud fill tha emptie void
I know ye are okae and feel nay pain,
But wit cacha passin dae
I sae a praer askin Dia tu take care of ye.
We miss ye and gradh ye.
In our cridhe’z iz whare ye will stae,
Until we meet again in Heaven sumdae.

Conner mae daor brother we miss ye and ye ceanail cridhe. It iz sae hard on thoze ye left behind. TA GRA AGAM ORT MOO GRA HOO MAE BROTHER ALWAYZ,
Ceanail ye Alwayz,
Ye Brother,
18 December, 1999
My Dearest Brother Conner,
I love you and I miss you so very much. I will always love you dear brother and i know how you loved the written word so I wrote this poem for you. You’re my dearest most loving brother.

Forever Gone but Forever in Our Hearts
by Cashandra
The caring prayers, the shaking shock –
This awful news my world did rock.
No one knew how it happened or why.
We were all so sad; it made me cry.
How unfair it should have happened now –
Won’t someone ever tell me how?
His tears had dried, his pain had healed;
And God chose this time for his life to yield.
It’s later now, while we’ve moved on –
We miss him as though he had just gone.
We’ll never forget all the good he did,
Even though, to him our farewells we’ve bid.
We love him still, we miss him yet;
And on this I’ll forever bet.
If he is truly in our hearts,
From us he’ll never be truly apart.

I miss you my dearest brother and my hearts aches each day that goes by that I don’t see your beautiful face and hear you wonderful voice.
18 December, 1999
To My Darling Conner
God took you from me far too soon,
My heart without you breaks.
I only want to be with you,
However long it takes.
I miss your smile, your cheery grin.
Your ever loving ways.
No one will ever take your place.
Not for the rest of my days.
Ta Gra Agam Ort
3.8.1. forever xxxxxxxx

08 December, 1999
My Darling Conner
I miss you so very much.
Soon we will be together.
Ta Gram Agam Ort
3.8.1. Forever