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robert montrose (
30 September, 1999
Hi! Mom:
Couldnt locate you for awhile, But I gotcha! Here is a bouquet for you, and Dad. XXXXoooo Happy Trails.

08 September, 1999
Yellow roses are only beautiful, when they are meant for you. Love you, miss you, Gotcha!
01 September, 1999
Red roses for my “MOM”.Her husband my dad was called “RED” These red roses are a reminder of the love they had for each other.. and are now together for all eternity. My “MOM” is now “Walking” with all her loved ones that are home…
Your Daughter,

Gail Trocchio (
18 June, 1999
Charlotte loved yellow roses. they were here favorite. my heart and prayers go with her, my dear mother, forever and to all here. you will always be a part of me. till we meet again, your loving daughter gail.