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Jeff McClintock (
03 August, 2005
I’m sorry to hear of your family’s loss of a great young man. The loss of life at a young age is hard for everyone/anyone to accept. Kirst, I’m sorry you had to lose such a wonderful role model in your life. I hope your own Father realizes that he should cherish the time he has on earth and spend it wisely, with those whom mean the most to him. Losing his own Brother at a young age should open up his eyes. Things will get better for you. Keep your chin up! There are people in this world who do care! Take care and best wishes to you!
07 June, 2005
These flowers are for you Brad. You were born just a few months before my oldest son JP. And I want Kirst to know that life will get better. It will. I think that you could use some flowers too.
Anita (Jessica Renee Carr’s mom)