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“Raewyn & Ross” (
10 September, 2000
Although I do not know you, your site touched me – please accept these flowers from Raewyn Marks

“Atelier” (
11 November, 1999
Flowers for Andrew Kevan Shreeves. Thanks.
03 November, 1998
I am also a suicide survivor and very sad. I just wanted to wish you and your family the best and let you know you are in my heart and prayers. Somehow, we will get thru this. Just hope and pray that God saw how much pain your brother was in. I hope he is in the arms of an Angel right now. God Bless You and Your Family, now and always.

Bousfield (
16 July, 1998
Just visiting kindred sites. I was raised in New Zealand and I lost my son in Australia. Keep your chin up.
Christine Bousfield

Brenda Lesyk (
22 February, 1998
I am sorry for your loss, a suicide is a hard thing to handle and a confusing thing to think about, just hope that he is happy now. Luv Amie

Diane Haynes (
28 October, 1997
Something drew me to your site tonight. I am praying for your family and those who loved you, that God will help them bear this pain. He alone is able to heal our broken hearts.

Roland Bosker (
Wed, 25 Sep 1996

There no sense in wishing to turn back time – I am sure the one who went has given you much before he decided to leave and even now he has given you memory. Keeping this memory in honour and alive keeps a little part of him alive. I do not know why – as I do not know neither you nor your family – I feel sorry reading your lines. I just wish to say, I do.