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Mal McKissock (
Mon, 25 Nov 1996

Gavin, my name is Kasarn. I am 11 years old and my dad, Clayton, died 2 years ago. He died from cancer. And I miss him very much. He was a surfie and I think it’s great if I put his name at the WW Cemetery because he can keep ‘surfing the net’.

You obviously love your dad a lot too because you put a memorial here for him. Now he will be remembered by us as well. Our dads are in our minds and in our hearts now. It would be nice to give them a cuddle sometime though. Bye for now. – Kasarn Smith.

Dr. Karl R. Krierer (
Fri, 08 Nov 1996

Ergriffen, lasse ich diese “flowers” stellvertretend für alle an Allan William McGraw´s letztem Ort zurück.

Karl Reinhard Krierer (Wien, Österreich)

Carol Anderheggen (
Sun, 07 Apr 1996

To someone else who has lost their Dad, I realize for you that no one will ever take his place. No one will ever take the place of my Dad either, and interestingly enough, that is something we share and have in common; interesting this place to send flowers where we can share common feelings. God Bless, both you and your Dad.