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Louise (
20 August, 2012
Today marks 15 years since you left us, so much you have missed. Your girls have grown into lovely young women, wives and mothers. Yes you have grandchildren of your own, boys and girls. You have left in your path wonderful families, healthy, growing and full of the zest for life, and always in the corner of their heart a spot for you. How sorely you are missed and how much you have missed. We have not forgotten and we continue to love you always. Love Auntie “Em”
07 December, 2007
Dad, I was at work today thinking of you and I googled your name. Here you are. I think of you all the time and wish that things could have been better for us. Not all memories are bad, I can remember you, Misty, Moby, and Me on your boat. I can remember going to Louise’s and swimming all day in the summer. I remember the huge dollhouse that was made for misty and I. I am old enough now to realize that you had an addiction and it controlled your life. I don’t have any hatred towards you, I just have a lot of question’s that will never be answered. I wanted to get to say goodbye to you so much but unfortunately when Aunt Melinda took Misty and I to see you at the hospital, You had already passed. I wanted to tell you that I forgave you for the pain you caused us. I have a beautiful daughter now and want her to have a better life than You, Misty and I had. I hope your pain is gone, and I hope you are happy and with loved ones. Also, because of you I will forever love yellow labs. I can remember Moby through my young childhood. Thinking of Moby put’s a smile on my face. I hope you are together. Maybe we can meet again someday. R.I.P. Love always, Brooke Grant

“Peter” (
12 June, 2003
I was thinking of you today. Performed a search on the web on your name and found this memorial site.
David and I think of you often.
We miss you.

“Carrie DeMeule” (
15 May, 2001
its hard for me to feel comfortable writing to you …i kind of feel like a hypocrite because we werent that close when you were around…i think it was because i was so young…you were in and out of our lives doing you own thing but i never thought of you as a cousin more like a brother i hardly ever were my mothers other son and she loved you as if you were her own….i hope in your tragic life that you really knew that you had the love of a mother even if it wasnt your own….i pray then when you died you mother was there to greet you ….i think that was all you ever really wanted was to be hugged and feel the love of your own mother….as much as your loved by others its not the same as your mother…..moby dick will be joining you soon …he will be missed but he needs to be with you….i have loved moby since the day of his birth….i can still see him as clear as day sitting in the palm of my hand talking and moaning as dicky dog does… the last year i have seen him and loved him as if each day was his last……be there to greet him he misses you so…lisa has been wonderful to him ……noone could have taken better care of him and she loves him so….take care skipper , feel all the love …we will see you again in heaven above….love carrie

“louise” (
04 January, 2001

So you walked with me for a while
Bared your naked soul
and you told me of your plans
How you would never let them know
In the morning of the night
You cried, a long lost child.
and I tried ,oh I tried to hold you
but you were young
and you were wild.

but I will never be the same
Oh I will never be the same
cought in your eyes
lost in your name
I will never be the same

Secrets of your life
I never wanted for myself,
but you guarded them like a lie
placed up on the highest shelf.
In the morning of the night,
when I woke to find you gone
I knew your distant devil
must be draggin’ you along

And you swore that you were bound for glory,
and for wanting you had no shame
But I loved you
and then I lost you
and I will never be the same.

words by Melissa Etheridge

With love and fond thoughts and a sad heart. Auntie
15 October, 2000
We see a sailboat and wonder why
The bird gives out one shreak and cries
As the tide reminds us all things change
We miss you always…Its not the same
Three years we have been apart your
memory lives within our hearts…Moby Dick

“Moolenaar” (
19 November, 1999
What a long and dfficult life he had, what a tragedy. May he rest in peace, love, Angelique Moolenaar
10 October, 1999
Another year has come and gone
And we are left to carry on
Moby looks at Ross as to say
Is Louie coming back today?
Your sadly missed and not forgotten
Spring is gone and Fall is rotten…
The Bass got away another year
I blame it on my old rotten gear
I need the tube you used to make
So I can catch a Bass to bake
See you on the ocean blue
Hopefully with Fantaseas and
Captain Morgan too..
Love Ross, Lisa & Moby

deborah demongeot (
02 January, 1999
— This story has truly touched my heart. May God be with Albert.
22 October, 1998
Happy Birthday..Dear Lou Lou
as you sail the ocean blue…
Months and Days go past
Your memories will always last
Love Rossco & Lisa

Bob & Dawn Schramm (
20 October, 1998
Happy Birthday, “Skip”. You’re Remembered! Love, Dawn
10 October, 1998
His story is amazing, and the way you told it brought tears to me eyes. I hope you continue to tell it, because it is powerful. I wish you well in your life.
29 August, 1998
……When you’re sailing the ocean blue….don’t forget me…
your Mascot…your buddy….your pal….Moby Dick

You’re no longer drowning or struggling for air
The sea is beneath you the wind at your hair
Sailing around the ocean blue
We know you’re finally at peace
Our friend…. Lou :))

Louise (mobyaround@adelphia. net)
28 August, 1998
To Skipper I bring a huge sunflower as that is what you were to me. Strong, sturdy, resilient and a huge sunny smiling face, thriving where you “grew”. I am missing you so much and see you everywhere I look. I miss your smile, your wink, and your “oh auntie” as you told me another “tale”. I miss you at the table waiting for your dinner, I miss our morning talks which you dubbed our AA meetings. I am so sorry that you are gone. I wish I knew more about the heroin which took you and the hold it had over you. I wish we could have done more to help you, but you lied you bugger and as usual I believed you. You loved that when I believed your tales, you would grin and wink at uncle. You were my child too and I hope you know that and I hope you knew that we loved you unconditionally—because we did. You have left a hole in my life and I pray that you have found peace and that you have finally found your mom and that she was waiting for you, for she loved you too unconditionally. Give Nana and Papa a hug from me and your mom a huge one too. I miss you all. I hope you have found your angel, and I hope you are there when my time comes because I want so much to see you again, and hold on to you. I was so very touched as I looked thru your box of special “treasures” which meant the most to you. Papa’s harmonica, mittens nana knit, your mom’s death notice and sketches she drew, your wooden bugs from childhood, your stepmom’s death notice and articles about the tragic death she had, your slingshot you made, pictures of your mom and your doughters, and the religious tracts about how to reach salvation. A life in a box what was important to you were the pieces of your family and the lives lost to you. It all mattered so much to you and you had holes in your heart before the heroin even caused the infection which ate your heart. I pray that your heart is once again whole and your body again functioning and you have peace. I so admired your strength and the fight you fought to live I saw God work miracles thru you. I remembered today how proud you were refusing to sit in a wheel chair when we took you to the hospital—you walked and you stood for longer than most. You were a legend at Mass. General and even the nurses cried as you faced your many ordeals and near deaths. You were so strong how could you have been so weak to the drugs? I wish you could have seen yourself and loved yourself as we all did. You were precious to us and brought so much into our lives. Handsome, loveable, strong, gentle heart. Perhaps your heart was too gentle and you drank and abused drugs to keep it from breaking. I saw your sail boat sail out at dawn on the anniversary of your death. I remembered how many mornings and evenings you experienced the rise and set of the sun on the sea and how blessed you were to have had so many of them. You lived your life with nature and on the sea you loved the small things that most of us pass by. Moby dick has gotten fat and he has not swum with the whales since you have gone. He gets excited at the ocean and still will swim straight out to sea and lumbers after the seagulls. He misses you and lay by your truck in the yard for weeks after you were gone. He knew and he sufferred your loss. He was your best friend and he is living out his old age with us and he is happy. Good old dog. Your golden lab—every picture we have has him in it too. He was your right arm. How long you have been in my heart—-I never thought. I held you as a baby and marvelled at those huge feet, I watched you grow and indulged you as you bathed in the bird bath. Watched you take thing apart and put them partially back together and still make them work even with the box of “spare” parts that grew every day. Your run away days and how you came back to me. The young man and man that always found his way to my door and refrigerator. You became my son and I have loved you as one and uncle cared for you and loved you as his son. We miss you so so much. We love you.
Auntie “em”