Charlie L. Guy ✵ 1929-2005

Name at birth:    Charlie L. McCann 
Date of birth:    02/02/1929 
Place of birth:   Shreveport  Louisiana 
Date of death:    03/09/2005 
Place of death:   Los Angeles, California 
Place of burial:  Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood California, USA

Submitted by: Jan Guy (

Dear Mom,
I miss you more than you know. I feel sadness everyday since you joined the Lord. I know that you were very tired and needed your rest. Since you did not rest on your own, the Lord decided to take you home with him so that you can rest. You left me so suddenly, and I feel guilty that I was not here to be with you. I ache daily and cry inside and out. We all miss you and love you. I love you very much, and pray that one day, I will see you again. I know that I will. You are in my thoughts daily. You have come to visit me in my dreams..twice at this time. Each time you seem very happy and encourage me to go on… Maybe one day in the future, I will be able to do this….but for now, I must deal with the hurt, the loss and the pain. I sing your favorite song daily “I won’t complain”. I try to live by all the rules that you have taught me. I will not ever dissapoint you or dad. He misses you too! So does Ari and the doggies!! We will see each other again…Until then, you will stay in my thoughts and prayers…I wear your rings around my neck, and a tattoo of you on my leg for all to see.. I know that you are looking down on me, and hope that you are proud, and will always be proud of me! I am your living testament…. I miss you and love you! Please visit me as often as possible… I visit your crypt every other weekend….You mean the world to me!!
I speak with you everyday, and will one day see your heavenly face!! Go on now and take your rest! 🙂

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