Bruno Ziraldo ✵ 1932-2009

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Name at birth: Bruno Ziraldo
Date of birth: December 5, 1932
Place of birth: Fagagna, Italy
Date of death: February 27, 2009
Place of death: Toronto, Canada
Resting place: Westminster Cemetery, Toronto
Submitted by: Lorena Ziraldo




Bruno Ziraldo was born in Fagagna, Italy.  The youngest of nine.  A passionate man who loved his wife – Elida – children, family and friends.

He delighted in a lively discussion on life, and politics.  He sang, laughed,  played cards, was meticulous at his work – a stone mason, loved tending to his vegetable garden, fruit trees, and shared the fruits of his labour.

Bruno cherished his relationship with his brother Luigi,  his senior by 2 decades.    Luigi made his way to Canada first, then Bruno followed, landing at Pier 21 in Halifax.  From there he made his way to Toronto.; Elida followed.  They settled in Toronto, and had 3 children; Marguerita, Lorena (born in Udine), and Paolo.  His grandson Christopher (Lorena) put a sparkle in his eye.

His warmth, and energy was the glue to many relationships.  Deeply missed.

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