Alexander Joseph Henter ✵ 1926-1999

Alexander Joseph Henter

Name at birth:  Alexander Joseph Henter
Date of birth:  14/08/1926
Place of birth:  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Date of death:  June 28, 1999
Place of death:  Surrey, B.C.
Resting place:  Victory Memorial Park, Surrey, B.C.
Submitted by:  Mark Henter (



There could never be enough room to write of all the things you did, Dad. I honor you for trying your best at all times, and fighting to the end.
More than that, I honor your commitment to Christ last year, and therefore know that you are in heaven. I waited 19 years for that commitment, glad you made it before it was too late.
You always brought a smile where possible, always had a quip, joke or jest – some didn’t understand, but perhaps that’s because they were just unhappy people.

Thanks Dad – I WILL see you again. Love, Mark

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