Carmen Doris Ledo ✵ 1935-1995

Carmen Doris Ledo

Name at birth:  Carmen Doris Ledo
Date of birth:  June 13, 1935
Place of birth:  Moca, Puerto Rico
Date of death:  September 30, 1995
Place of death:  North Bergen, NJ
Resting place:  Weehawken Cemetery, NJ
Submitted by:  Daniel Chaveco (



Our Beloved Mother & Grandmother

Although I was never there with her all the time
I was glad that I and my mother Yvette
could be there at the end to say Good-Bye
and tell her how much we loved her.

Her death, although sad, was a reminder to me how fragile
life is, and how I should have made more time in
between college to see her.
I made this because
“Nana” will always be with us,
I can still feel her,
and now she will exist here for me to visit…

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