Kenneth Anthony Woodward ✵ 1951-2020

Name at birth: Kenneth Anthony Woodward
Date of birth: August 1, 1951
Place of birth: Melbourne, Australia
Date of death: December 27, 2020
Place of death: Tweed Hospital, Australia
Resting place: 241/1 Tweed Coast Road, Hastings Point, NSW 2489 Australia
Submitted by: Christine Woodward <>


Loved Husband of Christine. Step Dad to Jenna and Ashlee.

Loved Pa of Braydon and Harley.

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Kent Bousfield ✵ 1983-1997 (Stepson)

Clayton Wayne Smith ✵ 196?-1994

Name at birth:    Clayton Wayne Smith 
Date of birth:    4/10/196? 
Place of birth:   NSW Australia 
Date of death:    28/6/1994 
Place of death:   Terrigal, NSW Australia 
Place of burial:  Noraville Cemetery, Norahead,  NSW Australia

Submitted by: Kasarn Smith (

My dad was 5’9″ tall, had blonde hair, blue eyes and a very sporty body. He had a great sense of humour, loved rock music, new clothes (but sometimes never wore them) and me and mum.

He always liked to send people up, he was a great tease. I even miss that about him.

My nanny is a counsellor and writer and she wrote a poem and I want to put it here because my dad was also a Gestalt Therapist;

 	Life is....   
 	a process,  
 	a moving tapestry    
 	of experiences...    
 	of beginnings    
 	and endings...   
 	joy and laughter...    
 	tears and saddness...    
 	fears and uncertainties...    
 	hurt and anger...  
 	guilt and forgiveness...   
 	the writing of a    
 	book of memories...    
 	a passionate gestalt.    

I love you dad and miss you very much.
Your loving daughter Kasarn 🙁 XXXXOOOOO

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Allan William (Jack) McGraw ✵ 1916-1991

Allan William Jack McGraw

Name at birth:  Allan William McGraw
Date of birth:  01/04/1916
Place of birth:  Cohuna, Victoria, Australia
Date of death:  03/10/1991
Place of death:  Shepparton, Victoria, Australia
Resting place:  Pine Lodge Cemetery, Shepparton, Victoria, Australia
Submitted by:  Gavin McGraw (



To a wonderfully careing and loving father who I miss greatly. I love you Dad.

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Kent Bousfield ✵ 1983-1997

Kent Bousfield 1983-1997 -1

Name at birth:  Kent Bousfield
Date of birth:  22/8/83
Place of birth:  Hastings, New Zealand
Date of death:  15/3/97
Place of death:  Melbourne. Vic. Australia
Resting place:  Bunarong Memorial Park. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Submitted by:  Chris Bousfield  (



Kent died after suffering 8 months with cancer.
He was in remission from the cancer but unfortunately the chemotheraphy caused too much damage.
Gone but not forgotten.

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Kenneth Anthony Woodward ✵ 1951-2020 (Stepfather)