William “Willie” Connelly ✵ 1899-1903

Name at birth:    William "Willie" Connelly 
Date of birth:    17 April 1899 
Place of birth:   Lumphinnans, Fife, Scotland 
Date of death:    c. 17 December 1903 
Place of death:   Died at Sea 
Place of burial:  Died on board SS Mongolian while emigrating to America

Submitted by: Dan Fullen (

Uncle Willie:

We have forgotten about you over the years. I am your
brother Bobby’s grandson. I will insure that you
will not be forgotten. I know you are with my
Grandpap now and others of the family. They will not
be forgotten.

My love to all, especially my Grandma Ida.

June 13, 1997

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