Wanda D. Penrose ✵ 1938-1987

Name at birth:    Wanda Dale Campbell 
Date of birth:    7 Aug 1938 
Place of birth:   Mt. Ayr, Iowa-USA 
Date of death:    5 Oct 1987 
Place of death:   Sacramento, CA-  USA 
Place of burial:  Camelia  Memorial Lawn--Sacramento, CA.     USA

Submitted by: Edward Wright (

Mother, though you are gone from our sight, you will never be from our thoughts and prayers, may you have found your guide to the light and did you enter peacefully, you are always in ours heart, and until we meet again.. On the 18th of February of 1997 your son, my brother Victor was called home, may he again be at your side and may you find the peace that you so deserve and longed for here on this planet that did not find you, may it now be yours and Victors. May you be in the light from here to eternity. Please be the one to guide your mother for I fear her time may be near, and tho my time is not near I will be looking for you and all who have passed to guide me when it is my time to join.

Love, Hugs, And Kisses to all.. they know who they are..

Your Loving Son

– Edward

Visitors & Flowers

 Victor Dante Martin ✵ 1961-1997 (son)