Waddell Joseph Green, II ✵ 1975-1998

Name at birth:    Waddell Joseph Green II 
Date of birth:    2/6/1975 
Place of birth:   Detroit /USA 
Date of death:    23/8/1998 
Place of death:   Oak Park/USA 
Place of burial:  Detroit  Memorial East, Warren, Michigan /USA

Submitted by: Cheryl (

Waddell Joseph GreenII (Jay) was born on June 2,1975 in Detroit Michigan.Waddell was an only child of the union of Cheryl and Waddell Green.
We pray for a safe and tranquil journey for Waddell’s spirit to be reunited with God. He was a genuine person who gave and received a lot of love.
W-is for being a Wonderful son.
A-is for Always being there for me.
D-is for the Dreams that we shared.
D-is for the days of long talks and laughter.
E-is for the Everlasting love we had that shall never die.
L-is for the Longing to have spent more time with you.
L-is for the undying Love that we felt for each other.
Waddell you were a wonderful son. It will be very difficult living without you; however, I take great comfort in knowing we will be reunited in the spiritual world.
Love Your Mom,

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