Victor Dante Martin ✵ 1961-1997

Name at birth:    Victor Dante Martin 
Date of birth:    22 May  1961 
Place of birth:   San Bernadino, CA, USA 
Date of death:    18  Feb  1997 
Place of death:   Sacramento, CA, USA 
Place of burial:  Cremated---Ashes Scattered at sea-San Clemente, CA, & Hawaii

Submitted by: Edward Wright (

Hey little Bro, your suffering is over, I thank the lord for that, though I miss you so, that is just selfishness on my part. For I know you are in a much better place… Thanks for keeping your promise, I know you sent me your message, wish I could remember all you said, but in time it will come back when its time.. I hope you were greeted by those who were there before you, I hope you are with mom and that she with you… If not please look for her, she may need Your guidance and support to the light.. miss you so much but I know we all will be together when the time is right.. anyway, love forever, peace be with you my brother, until we meet again.. I will be looking forward to messages in what ever way you can, hugs and more hugs..
Your loving brother, Edward…

Visitors & Flowers

Wanda D. Penrose ✵ 1938-1987 (mother)