Vicki Weber Hayes ✵ 1964-1995

Name at birth:  	 Vicki Weber 
Date of birth:  	 Oct 1964 
Place of birth:  	 Sylacauga, Al. Usa 
Date of death:  	 11-01-95 
Place of death:  	 Talladega, AL. 
Place of burial:  	 Sylacauga, Alabama

Submitted by: Wendy Hubbard (

You went to sleep and did no wake up. How? Why? We all had so much fun. You came to Talladega when we were all in the 6th grade. You could talk faster than anyone I ever knew. There are many great times that we can all remember. We wished we still had you. Tyler is so loved, don’t worry. With you and Becky as his guardian angels he’ll be fine. We love you.

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