Todd Eugene Hohon ✵ 1962-1990

Name at birth:    Todd Eugene Hohon 
Date of birth:    September 23, 1962 
Place of birth:   San Antonio, Texas USA 
Date of death:    April 19, 1990 (cremeated) 
Place of death:   San Antonio, Texas USA 
Place of burial:  Good News Fellowship  - Memorial Service

Submitted by: Kim Hohon Owen (

Todd was an “outdoorsman.” He had many friends. I will always feel Todd’s presence the first day the “fall air” arrives in Autumn. He would have lived in the mountains or the wilderness if Diabetes hadn’t stripped him of so much before it finally took him.
I want to encourage anyone who has or “thinks” he has symptoms of Diabetes to “please” not let Diabetes control you, but you take charge and control your Diabetes! It doesn’t have to end your life, it can just be a way of your new life. God bless you.
Todd, to this day, I go to bed thinking of you and awake thinking of you and our silly childhood memories that you left with me. I know Kipp found you when God called him home, too. I love and miss you guys-
your sister – Kim Hohon Owen
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