Timothy Hal Grandey ✵ 1957-2021

Tim Grandey, taken October 31, 2021

Name at birth: Timothy Hal Grandey
Date of birth: July 23, 1957
Place of birth: McMinnville, TN
Date of death: June 6, 2021
Place of death: Woodbury, TN
Resting place: His daughter is currently in possession of his ashes.
Submitted by: Savannah Grandey Knies






Tim Grandey ended his life on June 6, 2021, after an extended illness. Tim was the third child of Philip and Willodene (Tuck) Grandey. A native of Warren County, TN, Tim spent his early childhood in McMinnville before moving to Florida with his family, where he graduated from Vero Beach High School. He received degrees from Freed-Hardeman University and Middle Tennessee State University. He taught history, geography, and civics at high school and college levels. Tim was a lifelong member of the Church of Christ and loved singing during worship. Tim had one child (Savannah) with his former wife Shannon (Smith) Grandey. Tim became a grandfather 7 weeks before his death.

Tim is loved and remembered as someone fully human with strengths, weaknesses, flaws, desires, beliefs, and dreams. He is mourned and missed in ways that seem unending. He carries on through the lives of those he impacted, and the depth of his love, though not always expressed during his life, will continue to have a profound effect on the living.

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