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December 18 2023

Been a long year since you’ve been gone. I’ve been alone here. I’ve grown old. I keep a journal of memories. Feeling lonely, can’t breathe. The year’s gone by with more to go. Will the memories die? I’m waiting. Every time I’m falling down, all alone I fall to pieces.
Sad anniversary of your death.

Linda Scott

September 25 2023

Hi Sweetie, last night I read some of your emails. I miss you so much. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. My heart is broken. I wish we had had more time. Love you always.

Linda Scott

May 31 2023

I’m missing you so much. It’s so hard. I wish we could have had another 5 years. I look at your picture and remember us together.

Linda Scott

April 24 2023

Missing you every day. I look at your pictures. This one is from your trip to Alaska. How you loved it there! Wish we could have gone together. I think of you and long for you every day.

Linda Scott

April 2 2023

I’m listening to oldies like we used to do. Wonderful times never forgotten.

Picture of you fishing.

Love you!

Linda Scott

February 12 2023

Miss you so much. I wish we had one more time together. I am hoping to get some keepsakes. I feel you near me. I hope we will be together again sometime. Love and miss you. Flower #8

Linda Scott

January 3 2023

You are missed so much. I think of you every minute of every day. Here’s a picture of your house where we spent such wonderful times.















Linda Scott

January 1 2023 Flower #1












Linda Scott