Capt. Paul Dean Urquhart ✵ 1944-1971

Name at birth:    Paul Dean Urquhart 
Date of birth:    30-09-1944 
Place of birth:   Ishpeming, Michigan 
Date of death:    28-05-1971 
Place of death:   MIA, Vietnam 
Place of burial:  Veteran's Memorial in Negaunee Cemetery, Michigan

Submitted by: Charles Urquhart (

Paul Dean was born on September 30, 1944 in Isheming, Michigan. Son of Charles and Lucille Urquhart and brother of James Allen Urquhart. He attended public schools in Negaunee, Michigan and graduated with honors from Negaunee High School. Graduated from W & J College in Washington, PA., became a career officer in the United States Army. Served his first tour in Vietnam with the 121st airborne. His second tour in 1971 was with the 101st airborne. He was reported MIA while flying an OH-6 helicopter on May 28, 1971. The body has never been recovered and he is presumed dead. A veterans’ memorial has been placed in the Negaunee, Michigan cemetery.

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