Andrew Kevan Shreeves ✵ 1975-1995

Name at birth:    Andrew Kevan Shreeves 
Date of birth:    11.7.75 
Place of birth:   Wellington, New Zealand 
Date of death:    27.10.95 
Place of death:   Waihi, New Zealand 
Place of burial:  Waihi Cemetery, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand

Submitted by: Karen Shreeves (

I do not know why you committed suicide Andrew, you took the answer to that question to the grave. I do know that I love you and miss you little brother. I wish I could turn back the clock and change things but I can’t.

I often go down to the beach where you said goodbye to the world it’s a peacful spot. Mum and Dad miss you very much, Cara and Stanley don’t understand that you won’t be comming home, they wait for you at the window.

Where ever you are think of me like I think of you.

Love Karen

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Kent Bousfield ✵ 1983-1997

Kent Bousfield 1983-1997 -1

Name at birth:  Kent Bousfield
Date of birth:  22/8/83
Place of birth:  Hastings, New Zealand
Date of death:  15/3/97
Place of death:  Melbourne. Vic. Australia
Resting place:  Bunarong Memorial Park. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Submitted by:  Chris Bousfield  (



Kent died after suffering 8 months with cancer.
He was in remission from the cancer but unfortunately the chemotheraphy caused too much damage.
Gone but not forgotten.

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Kenneth Anthony Woodward ✵ 1951-2020 (Stepfather)