Honorable Lady Fantaye Nekere ✵ 1908-1950

Name at birth:  	 Fantaye Nekere 
Date of birth:  	 December 25, 1908 
Place of birth:  	 Addis Abeba, Ethiopia 
Date of death:  	 July 4, 1950 
Place of death:  	 Addis Abeba, Ethiopia 
Place of burial:  	 St.George Cemetry, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Submitted by: Professor Ashenafi Kebede (

Brilliant feminist when almost none existed, dedicated and loving mother to her one and only son, poet and begena (lyre) player, entrepreuner. This cemetry site is dedicated to your memory.

Your loving son.

Professor Dr. Ashenafi Kebede

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