David De Groof ✵ 1975-1999

David De Groof

Name at birth:  David de Groof
Date of birth:  06/10/75
Place of birth:  Reet, Belgium
Date of death:  19/03/99
Place of death:  Perugia, Italy
Resting place:  Kontich Cemetery,  Belgium
Submitted by:  Marco Torregrossa  (



Dear David,
8 months already passed over since your death terribly took place, but still I’m not able to make a reason out of it. The gap of your loss is still unfilled.
You left me in the hugest sorrow of my life. I never lost someone so close before and I still feel devastated. You meant a lot to me, you were not just a close friend, but also a big example of life and behaviour everyone should have followed. You were simple and genuine, able to listen,exactly what people are looking for in a friend. You loved people and you were always open for their needs. Everyone liked you at the first impression, your best quality was to pass love to the others. You were so respectful all the time, proud of your belief and this made you so special.
David… no one else will ever fill the lack you left in us and, even if time will alleviate our big grief, I will always and forever keep a space in my heart for you as a memory of a great friend and of all that we did togethar.
David… inside myself you will live forever!!!
With endless love,
Marco Torregrossa

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