Swan David Olson ✵ 1931-1999

Swan David Olson

Name at birth: Swan David Olson
Date of birth: 7 November 1931
Place of birth: Hansboro, North Dakota U.S.A.
Date of death: 13 January 1999
Place of death: Shelby, Montana U.S.A.
Resting place: Hansboro Cemetery, Hansboro, North Dakota, U.S.A.
Submitted by: Joanne M. Witt <>




You are gone now, but in spirit you are near. Quickly you ascended to the other side of life and you suffer no more. And I know, you will save a place for me. Even during the most trying time of your life, when you were removed from all you knew and loved, when mostly strangers ministered to your needs, and all watched as you grew weaker, a friend or relative was greeted with the familiar twinkle from your eyes. Almost as if by will, your broken heart stopped beating and you were finally set free. There will be no more indifferent caretakers and no one else to speak and decide your fate. On my last visit you said, “I’ll be okay. Just take care of yourself.” Once again, as so many times before, you tried to comfort and ease my mind. And, Buddy, I know you have saved a place for me.

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