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“Rose NiEd” (
31 March, 2003
March 28, 2003: This day, in actuality, is our fifth anniversary apart. The days and nights are longer without you, the lonliness and longing are greater; time and all else is meaningless without you. I have learned to cry DRY TEARS, but my love for you remains as strong as ever.

Kathleen Hidalgo (
12 December, 2002
Happy Birthday Nina! I miss you very much!
Love Kat

12 December, 2000
Happy Birthday, Nina
I still miss you so much!
Love Kat

“Edward Ribakni” (
21 November, 1999
My love for you is as strong today, as the day you left. You are remembered each day, all day. Be patient Nina, wait for me!
With eternal LOVE, Edward
22 May, 1999
We were born sisters, we became friends. I think of you every day and I miss you. I remember the laughs we shared and the tears we shed. The good times and the sad. Keep a seat at the kaluki table for me. Love, Helen
21 May, 1999
You remain in our thoughts and prayers.
The Hurwitz Family

“Edward Ribakni” (
14 May, 1999
“Ze Dodi Veze Re’ei” [This is my beloved and this is my friend]
“Ha’ahava Hi Mekor Hachaim” [The love is the source of life]
“Ba’a`sher Telchi Elech’ [Where you will go, I shall go]
With eternal LOVE, Edward
09 April, 1999
I’ll never be able to thank you for all the wonderful things you did for me. You were my sunshine. I knew I could count on you any time. If I could only be with you one more time. I would touch your soft skin, and give you a kiss! It is you that I miss. You know, I would never have been able to see you in pain, or say good-bye. So I want you to know, that when you left, you took a part of me with you! Thousands of parts of you will always remain with me. No one can fill that void — when I think of you I can’t help but cry! Missing you endlessly rest peacefully. No matter where you are, we will always be mother and daughter, and you will still be guiding my way everyday, nothing can change that! Love, Alyssa

Edward A. Rosenthal (
06 April, 1999
Nina was my wife and my wife was my life. Each day I shed many tears for her loss, and each tear is a flower in her garden in a beautiful resting place among many kindred souls.
And if I left a stone, as is our custom, every time I visited this site; she would be surrounded by a mountain, a mountain of love.
We, her family, thank you for this place for all the world to see and never be forgotten as long as it remains; hopefully for ever.
With eternal LOVE, Edward
P.S. To all the birds in Nina’s garden: “How high, how high in the sky you can fly. Please kiss my wife good-bye.
28 February, 1999
Life and work are not the same without you. You brought so much to all whose life you touched. Ever giving and sharing of yourself and knowledge. You will always have a very special place in my heart. Love, Becky

Kathleen Hidalgo (
09 February, 1999
Words cannot express how much you are missed! I think of you every day! I miss your wild spirit, the crazy things you did and especially just hearing your voice every day. Life’s not the same with you gone. Love you, Kat