Sharon Alynne Mair ✵ 1956-1998

Name at birth:    Sharon Alynne McDonald 
Date of birth:    October 6 1956 
Place of birth:   Sault Ste. Marie  Canada 
Date of death:    January 31 1998 
Place of death:   Sault Ste. Marie  Canada 
Place of burial:  Port Finley Cemetery, St. Joe's Island.
                 (Near Sault Ste. Marie) Ontario Canda

Submitted by: Sasha Mair (

The woman being reconized is my mother. She was deaf. But didn’t need ears to be the perfect mom. She graduated Valedictorian of her class in the Belleville School for the Deaf. She had so much love and was one of the most well loved people in her life time. Over 1,500 people came to the funeral. She was beautiful and understanding. And was always there. When she died she was only 41. Right now I am 15.
No one can know how much I need her guidance and miss her. We weren’t expecting her to die. She had a brain haemmorrhage.
At the funeral I did not cry. I didn’t cry until that March. We have a memorial bowl for her every may in her name. I’d give my heart to see her again. Even hell is worth seeing her again. She was one of those people. Her heart was so pure so loving. She didn’t deserve to die. It wasn’t her time. I can feel that. I loved her with all my heart. If you (the reader) knew her you would’ve loved her too. I’ve written a poem in her memory. This winter I have written a sum of 56 poems. Here is one of them.


Her love was something to look forward to,
It was something that I once knew,
The feel of her love in my heart,
Is something that will never part,
Her heart always in the right place,
The glow of love in her face,
The warmth in her eyes,
While she wiped away my cries,
My heart’s pain will not cease,
But in time will decease,
Every so often I’ll think of my mother,
And know there is no other.

I hope you read this. And if you ever see a person signing. Please think of the woman who acheived it all.

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