Rose Blasco ✵ 1924-1997

Name at birth:    Rose Gagliano 
Date of birth:    June 1, 1924 
Place of birth:   Chicago, IL.  USA 
Date of death:    May 2, 1997 
Place of death:   Lake Zurich, IL.  USA 
Place of burial:  St. Michael Cemetery, Palatine, IL.,  USA

Submitted by: Patrick Dwyer (

There are no words that can describe the love and joy that Rose brought to this world and to the people she knew in life. Though we know she is in a better place after the suffering she endured toward the end of her life, our selfishness for her love and being, longs for her to be with us. Her unending sacrifice to her husband and family shall live on in our hearts and the hearts of future family til the end of time. We know that even in Heaven she looks down on us and provides us with protection through her closeness to the Divine Lord in Heaven. Her life was that of a true christian in every way. Nonna, I miss you so much that words can not describe. Not a Sunday, Holiday, or just a plain day, is the same without you. When I think of you, the years of my life flash before me with the joys of your love and caring. No, things are not the same without you and never will be. Because of you, I know the true meaning of unconditional love.

May God bless you and keep you close to his heart and may you have special position under the Blessed Virgin for your acts of love and kindness during your life on earth. Til we meet in Heaven. I love you Nonna.

Your baby boy,

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