Robert Thomas Degles ✵ 1946-1997

Name at birth:    Robert Thomas Degles 
Date of birth:    18-Feb-1946 
Place of birth:   Salt Lake City Utah 
Date of death:    01-May-1997 
Place of death:   Salt Lake City, Utah 
Place of burial:  Moab, Utah, USA

Submitted by: Chris Kauhi (

Bob was a river boatman, desert rat, and to many a character
symbolic of a bygone era in Southeast Utah. He came to
Moab, Utah in 1970. He established Moab’s first bicycle
shop, boated with the old river runners, and taught
First Aid and Wilderness First Responder courses to many of
today’s river raft guides.

He moved to Castle Valley in 1974 and built his first house
on top of a friend’s chicken coop. He formed Descent River
Expeditions in 1984 and co-invented Cross-Country Croquet,
often played at “Deglo Downs.”

Robert was as unique as the land he loved so much. His gruff
voice and rough manner only slightly covered up a sweet,
loving man who will be deeply missed.

Adios amigo…see you at the takeout…

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