Robert Gerald Coppe ✵ 1931-1995

Name at birth:  	 Robert Gerald Coppe 
Date of birth:  	 16 February 1931 
Place of birth:  	 Chicago USA 
Date of death:  	 19 April 1995 
Place of death:  	 Sacramento USA 
Place of burial:  	 Pyramid Peak, Sierra Nevada, USA

Submitted by: Jeff Puthuff (

Over the dead line we have called to you
To come across with a word to us,
Some beaten whisper of what happens
Where you are over the dead line
Deaf to our calls and voiceless

The flickering shadows have not answered
Nor your lips sent a signal
Whether love talks and roses grow
And the sun breaks at morning
Splattering the sea with crimson.

-Carl Sandburg
“Chicago Poems”

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