Patrick Kolekona Kawakami ✵ 1976-2001

Patrick Kolekona Kawakami

“Patrick and his bird, Iggy. Patrick had several birds at one point and was very close to them.”


Name at birth:  Patrick Kolekona Kawakami
Date of birth:  10/21/1976
Place of birth:  Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Date of death:  02/12/2001
Place of death:  Fairfield, California, USA
Resting place:  Hawaii, USA
Submitted by:  Shane Simmons (




I am not sure how to begin this, friend. Suffice it to say I am not going make this a typical monument, where I say how much I miss you and so on and so on. That much is obvious. I do miss you, a great deal. But there is more I can say here, than that, man.

You were like a brother to me. That I will never forget, friend. But indeed, I don’t believe that physical death can really get in the way of friendships. It is but a mere delay. Time does two things… heals all wounds, and brings us all back to the source of life – The spiritside world, that is.

Don’t worry about me, Patrick. We shall meet again…. at that source.

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