Patricia Rae Bisbee ✵ 1937-1996

Name at birth:    Patricia Rae Jenkins 
Date of birth:    March 20 1937 
Place of birth:   Sparta, Wisconsin 
Date of death:    February 5 1996 
Place of death:   Olympia, Washington 
Place of burial:  Toledo, Washington USA

Submitted by: Krystal Long (

My mother was truly a blessing in our lives, she was a beautiful person in all meanings of the word. She has left us physically, but the essence of who she was will always remain a guiding force in the lives of those she touched with her love.
She was a woman who had a great love and compassion for all of God’s creatures. My mother’s love was unshakable and unbreakable. When those of us around her made our mistakes, her faith in us never wavered. She stood by us and didn’t judge us, instead she gave us her guidance and assurance of her love, which was truly unconditional.
She was a woman with the deepest sense of honor and integrity, that was matched only by the love that came from her very tender heart.

A Poem for Momma

My mother was a lady in every meaning of the word
Out of life she never did ask much, but she gave us all she could
Much of her life she spent without a whole to her name
But it never seemed to matter, she loved life just the same
She found riches in the sunsets, and blessings on the breeze
She gloried in the flowers and thanked God for making trees

Momma was the wisest woman that I ever knew
She believed in Hell and Heaven
And the path she walked was true
And when she left, she walked right up Heaven’s stairway to your arms
And the angels must have sang in joy, to have a treasure with such charms

Dear Lord, please take care of Momma, as she always cared for me
Give her a place in your garden, with sunsets to see
Give her little critters to care for and flowers for her to water
Lord, surely you recognize in her, you have such a special daughter.

I never step outside and smell the sweet fresh morning air
Without thinking of my Momma and her tender loving care
She left us oh, so very young, I couldn’t help but ask you why
And then I saw a brand new star, shining brightly in the sky
I knew that it was Momma, as I bathed in its warm glow
And I felt her touch upon my cheek, and heard a whispered, “I love you, so”

I know she’s there, with you Lord, standing at Heaven’s gate
with flowers all around her
As patiently she waits
As each of us is on our way, up Heaven’s path to you
It will be easy to travel, lit by Mother’s love, so true.

We all love and miss you so much Momma

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