Olive Sandford Alcox ✵ 1986-1974

Name at birth:    Olive Sandford 
Date of birth:    22 August 1896 
Place of birth:   Parkersburg Iowa USA 
Date of death:    29 August 1974 
Place of death:   Cape May Co, New Jersey USA 
Place of burial:  Godfrey Crematory Palermo NJ USA

Submitted by: Susan Watts (

Olive remained above reproach throughout her life. She was a beautiful lady who loved all of Jehovah’s creation. She appreciated the mountains and the ocean and all kinds of animals. She raised such lovely flowers at her home that people drove from afar to admire them. She always said “There is no such word as can’t. You can do anything if you work hard enough.” She did. She ran the RS Alcox Hardware Store in Brookfield Connecticut while raising her 2 children. She was known and admired by the townspeople for her hard work and help for all who came in contact with her. Those who lived there continue to speak of her intelligence and kindness.

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