Nina Ribak-Rosenthal ✵ 1939-1998

Nina Ribak-Rosenthal

Name at birth:  Nina Beth Ribak
Date of birth: Dec. 12, 1939
Place of birth:  New York City – U.S.A.
Date of death:  April 4, 1998
Place of death:  Modesto – U.S.A.
Resting place:  Lakewood Memorial Cemetery, Hughson, California – U.S.A.
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Dr. Nina Ribak-Rosenthal was just “NINA”, the name she preferred to be called by all. A professor at Stanislaus State University California for 22 years, she was awarded posthumously the status of Professor of Education, Emeritus.
She is survived by a most loving and adoring family: husband, 4 children, 2 grandchildren, sister, and her beloved cat, Dr. Snufi.
She was much more than a teacher, a wife, a mother, a friend, a companion, or daughter. She was “NINA”; warm, kind, good, sensitive, loving, charitable, able, willing, generous, knowledgeable; an exceptional person who can never be replaced. A one of a kind, a LIGHT in a dim world.
We, her family, loved her dearly, and miss her greatly, each and every hour of every day.

Of all the wonderful things there are,
between the Earth and nearest star,
A soul is there, not meant to be
Be patient Nina, wait for me.

We wonder why, try not to cry;
we didn’t ask to say good-by.
A soul is there, not meant to be
Be patient Nina, wait for me.

Another day, another time,
and once again we will entwine.
A soul is there not meant to be,
Be patient Nina, wait for me.

With eternal LOVE, Edward

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