Nelson Wilson Brown ✵ 1952-1999

Name at birth:    Nelson Wilson Brown 
Date of birth:    10-10-52 
Place of birth:   Franklin, Virginia, USA 
Date of death:    1-15-99 
Place of death:   Palm Springs, California, USA 
Place of burial:  Desert Hot Springs, CA, USA

Submitted by: Douglas Brown (

To My Dear Little Brother:
You are missed and will forever be remembered. Since your passing there has been a big hole in all of us who knew and loved you. We were just getting to re-know each other, and then suddenly you were gone. Why, who can say, except that God wanted it that way. We know you’re in good hands up in Heaven and look forward to the day when we can all be together once again. We pray for your wife Sandy, God give her strength and faith. Diana and I were so thankful that you had come so far, you overcame so much and fought back from the edge more than once in your short life. You and Sandy built your cozy home together. I’ll always remember giving you and your brother Rick wagon rides in the dirt hills behind our home in Florisant, MO in the 1950’s. And I’ll never forget your learning how to swim at our home in Anaheim, CA. You played the drums well for Villa Park HS in Orange, CA and had a cool, blue Ford Falcon station wagon as your first car. You did alot of commercial painting in Orange County, CA and had many odd jobs that allowed you to support your first wife and daughter Danyelle. I watched you grow up and struggle with alcohol and divorce and job loss. I prayed so much for you during the difficult years. Then Sandy came into your life and, although it wasn’t easy, you two did well. God Bless you little brother – we love you! Your brother and sister-in-law, Doug & Diana Brown

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