Mrs. Mamata B. Ghosh ✵ 1929-1996

Name at birth:    Miss Mamata Sinha 
Date of birth:    29/06/1929 
Place of birth:   Lahore Pakistan 
Date of death:    28/02/1996 
Place of death:   Bombay India 
Place of burial:  Cremated @ Chandhan Wadi Chembur, Bombay India

Submitted by: Amitabh Ghosh (

Dearest Mother of Ours who bore all the pain and suffering so that all of her children could have a good education. Her dedication as a teacher, friend and confidant was beyond imagination. She was the daughter of Late Dr.S.N.Sinha and Mrs J.N.Sinha Wife of Dr. B.N. Ghosh (Phd. Leeds, Rt. Professor UDCT) Mother to Sumita, Amitabh, Sujita and Arpita Grandmother to Buntul, Ashu, Nille and Anirudha Mother-in-law to Sunil and Indira Not a day goes by without your thought and every Thursday your voice fills our heart. I only wished that I had listened to your words of wisdom. For in your heart I have disappointed you before you left this world. My Sisters Sujita and Arpita took care of all your comforts till your last breath. I live every day with all the empty promises that I have made. Some day I hope to fulfill them so that when I join you I will not be that disappointed son that you left behind. I do not know how to express my grief it comes out in anger. I apologize my behavior to the Staff and Doctors of Raeigh Hospital.
Amitabh Ghosh
“Life without A Mother is like a river without a flow.”

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